Macquarie Group Foundation 2019 Annual Review

A record year of contributions to the communities in which we live and work

Chair's message

Message from Mary Reemst, Chair, Macquarie Group Foundation 

It was a great privilege to succeed Shemara Wikramanayake as Chair of the Macquarie Group Foundation (the Foundation) in December 2018 when she became Macquarie’s new CEO and Managing Director. During Shemara’s five years as Chair, over $A137m was contributed to non-profit organisations, and volunteering hours increased by 188%; from 32,000 in 2013 to 60,000 in 2018. Shemara led the Foundation with passion, expertise and a determination to make an impact in the communities in which our staff live and work, and I look forward to continuing this important work.

Last year we also welcomed three new members to the Foundation Committee, further diversifying the range of experience and widening the geographical spread of members represented on the Committee. You can see our Committee members later in this annual report.

During the year, a record $A31.7 million was donated to more than 1,600 non-profits around the world by Macquarie staff and the Foundation.

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Money given since inception – more than $A360 million2

Global grant-making focus area

Across the world, there are young people who need greater support to overcome the social barriers they face. Our global grant making focus aims to break down these barriers and provide social and economic opportunities to those who will benefit most.

This year we’ve looked at the grant-making areas across our four regions – the Americas, Asia, Australia and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) – and uncovered the commonalities and differences in each area as together we work to create social impact. 

Each location faces distinct challenges and priorities. For North America, a college pathway is almost imperative for a professional career, while in EMEA alternative pathways like professional apprenticeships are reducing economic disadvantage among young people who may otherwise have limited access to training and education beyond school. In Asia, ethical domestic labour recruitment can triumph over modern slavery to create fair working opportunities. And in Australia, marginalised young people are gaining greater access to work experience and career opportunities.

Case studies

Learn more about the community organisations we’re supporting who are working with young people around the world.


Philadelphia Futures


Fair Employment Foundation


Career Trackers and Career Seekers


Leadership Through Sport and Business

Our grant partners3


Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award

In late 2018, Macquarie Group announced the Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award, a $A50 million philanthropic commitment, to initiate or build on bold ideas to address social need. Finalists were announced in May and winners will be announced in August 2019.

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Our people

How we’ve supported the community in Australia over the year:

How we’ve supported the community in Australia over the year:

We helped SYC fund research into pilot solutions for long-term youth unemployment and supporting Aurora as it links senior Indigenous secondary students with high-achieving Indigenous university graduates for role modelling.

We supported batyr’s Get Talkin’ Tour, which helped young people in regional NSW feel less alone by providing mental health tips, and rallied together to raise money for a range of drought-affected communities.

How we’ve supported the community in the Americas over the year:

How we’ve supported the community in the Americas over the year:

We helped raise the funds needed for the International African American Museum to open, so that largely untold stories can be showcased and preserved. 

In New York, we worked with the Double Discovery Center at Columbia College, which helps low-income, first-generation youth through their high school and college educations. We also spent 800 hours mentoring and coaching underrepresented students across the region on college and career success.

How we’ve supported the community in Asia over the year:

How we’ve supported the community in Asia over the year:

We matched fundraising efforts and donated 200+ laptops and related computer equipment for the Cambodian Children’s Fund, supporting the provision of free healthcare, childcare, food and nutrition programs, education and housing in impoverished communities. 

We’ve supported ChildFund in Korea to provide emergency treatment and protection, as well as intensive psychological treatment and consultation, to underprivileged children who’ve suffered abuse.

How we’ve supported the community in Europe, the Middle East and Africa over the year:

How we’ve supported the community in Europe, the Middle East and Africa over the year:

We worked collaboratively with local non-profits in the UK as part of the Community Resourcing programme (CoRe). It provides strategic advice and helps build the capability, capacity and sustainability necessary for meaningful community development.

We have supported our staff and the issues important to them such as 30 fundraisers in aid of Teach for Romania.

Foundation Week

$A10m donated over five Foundation Weeks 

During our fifth annual Foundation Week in 2018, more than $A2.8 million was distributed to over 180 organisations around the world. In Foundation Week, non-profits receive double-matching of amounts raised up to $A5,000 by Macquarie teams, as well as additional ‘donations for doers’ charitable donations to recognise volunteering activities.

For the past five years, Macquarie Group staff in offices around the world have risen to the challenge of raising funds for causes close to their heart. Together, we have raised and donated $A10 million during Foundation Weeks alone. Thousands of staff have participated in a range of events, from fitness challenges to clothing drives to music and trivia nights.

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My Community

New staff giving platform brings everything into one place

Mary Reemst*
Chair, Macquarie Group Foundation

David Fass
Macquarie Asset Management,
New York

Tony Graham
Banking and Financial Services, Sydney

Stuart Green*
Financial Management Group, Sydney

Jackie Hamilton*
Corporate and Asset Finance,
New York

Shawn Lytle
US Country Head, Philadelphia

Elizabeth O’Leary
Macquarie Asset Management, Sydney

Lynnette Sarno*
Corporate Operations Group, Sydney

Jeff Shiu
Commodities and Global Markets, Hong Kong

Lisa Sonnabend*
Macquarie Capital, Sydney

Ben Way
CEO Asia, Hong Kong

We would like to thank Shemara Wikramanayake (Sydney), David Bennet (Alumni) and Tracey Macdonald (Sydney) who retired from the Foundation Committee in the last year.

*New Committee members in 2018.

Macquarie Group Collection year in review

For over 30 years, the Macquarie Group Collection has been supporting emerging Australian artists, in all media. The Collection was established in 1987 as part of the Macquarie Group Foundation and now includes more than 800 works that are displayed in over 40 Macquarie offices worldwide. 

Under the theme of The Land and Its Psyche, each year a volunteer committee of Macquarie Group staff members and a curatorial expert select submitted works. This year, we celebrate the new remarkable contributions to our growing and significant collection.

Detail from “Around and Within” exhibition, Space Gallery, 2018.  Image Flashpoint Labs.

Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize

The Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize supports and recognises a new generation of Australian visual artists.

Macquarie Group First Nations Emerging Curator Recipient

This award was established in collaboration with the Australia Council for the Arts to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Macquarie Group Collection and mark the 50th Anniversary year of the 1967 Referendum.

Macquarie Sports

Removing barriers to participation