Digital infrastructure

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What are the demand drivers underpinning market growth?

Data growth explosion

Global internet traffic has expanded at a compound annual growth rate of 92 per cent between 1992 and 2020 and continues to grow rapidly. 

New use cases

Many of the exciting new applications require increased bandwidth and lower latency, creating demand for new and upgraded digital infrastructure. 

Network densification

Technologies such as 5G require densification of fixed and mobile networks. 

Net zero

There are plenty of opportunities to reduce emissions directly, while the sector may also enable emissions reductions in other sectors. 

Resilience of demand

Demand for data has structural drivers and so has proved resilient to the economic cycle. 

Market Perspectives Webinar

Digital infrastructure investment has come of age in the pandemic. Our panel discusses:

US broadband - What the new spending package holds in 2022

EMEA outlook - Opportunity and challenge by country

Global transformation - When a sector grows up fast.

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Digital infrastructure is a growing sector that has helped transform nearly every other part of the economy in recent years. Macquarie Digital Infrastructure investor Lincoln Heilner and research analyst Aizhan Meldebek discuss key drivers of data growth, the nature of digital infrastructure assets, and opportunities in the sector to reduce carbon emissions.