Enabling local access to global specialists

Macquarie Professional Series


Our focus

Macquarie Professional Series searches the world to uncover differentiated investment solutions, enabling local investors to access strategies from world-class fund managers.

We combine our deep understanding of investor needs with insight into the local investment landscape, seeking to identify relevant opportunities currently overlooked in the market.

Our team are highly selective and have a strong bias towards quality. This means we assess each individual fund manager’s investment potential via a rigorous research and screening process, ensuring they satisfy specific hurdles:

their investment strategies and underlying philosophies will resonate with local investors

they employ robust investment processes, and are committed to long-term investing

their strategies demonstrate a strong and proven long-term performance track record.


With over 15 years of proven experience, and having met with more than 500 fund managers, we offer Australian clients solutions from six differentiated investment managers across global equities and liquid alternatives. To date, Australian investors have committed over $11 billion with Macquarie Professional Series.

Our current portfolio of managers includes Arrowstreet Capital, Independent Franchise PartnersP/E GlobalPolaris Capital Management LLCWalter Scott and Partners, and Winton Capital Management.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact our institutional client team at miminstitutionalclients@macquarie.com.