Macquarie Asset Management’s Credit division is a global credit platform offering focused expertise and solutions across the liquidity, risk and return spectrums.


assets under management¹


investment professionals

4 centers of excellence

Main investment hubs in New York, London, Philadelphia and Sydney

MAM Credit Platform

Fixed Income

Global Fixed Income
US Fixed Income
Australian Fixed Income
IG Credit and ABS
Emerging Markets Debt

Leveraged Credit

High Yield
Bank Loans
CLO Debt
Multi-Asset Credit


Private Credit

Fund Capital
Real Estate
Private Placements
Asset Finance

An industry leading team delivering compelling investment outcomes with a focus on superior client service.

Robust processes underpinned by in-depth fundamental research, detailed due diligence and a focus on risk management.

Genuine connectivity and collaboration across our global platform, enhanced by access to broader MAM expertise, empowering our investment teams to make superior decisions for our clients.

“Our clients around the world are our partners.  We are deeply committed to helping provide them with the risk-adjusted return goals they seek to meet their evolving needs.” 

Peter Glaser 
Global Head of Credit

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1. As at 31 March 2024. Internal Macquarie data includes private credit transactions for both clients and balance sheet; assets under management represents the amount of capital that has been deployed into underlying investments and also includes undrawn commitments, as well as the enterprise value of asset finance investments.


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