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A long history 

We have managed multi-asset strategies since 1998, developing deep expertise and an analytical framework to provide investors with specialist asset allocation solutions that seek to systematically identify and capture risk premiums. 

Pairwise analysis1 is at the heart of our investment process, providing a framework that compares assets head-to-head, aiming to predict the relative value of each asset within the pair. 

This differentiated asset allocation approach seeks to reduce complexity, add rigour to investment decision making and maximise diversification and excess return potential. 

We strive to give our clients access to diversified portfolios that seek to generate superior risk-adjusted returns over full market cycles.

Our portfolio construction engine, developed in-house and powered by a robust risk model, has enabled us to deliver investment solutions for over 25 years. 

Asset classes process market information at varying speeds, creating frequent mispricing and relative value opportunities. We are convinced that disciplined and structured active asset allocation can capitalize on these opportunities.

“Pairwise analysis is the foundation of our investment process. It helps to reduce the complexity of asset allocation by comparing two assets head-to-head, determining which is more likely to outperform—information we use to design robust portfolios.” 

Stefan Löwenthal 
Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Asset

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Pairwise analysis compares two assets head-to-head and makes an either/or call about which will outperform. All asset classes within a portfolio are paired up and compared in succession and each pair’s value signal becomes an input in portfolio construction.


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