Bridge through green hills
Bridge through green hills


Macquarie Asset Management

A top 501 global asset manager, providing investment solutions to clients across a range of capabilities and products.

Macquarie Asset Management (MAM) is Macquarie's asset management business. MAM is a full-service asset manager, providing investment solutions to clients across a range of capabilities including infrastructure & renewables, real estate, agriculture, transportation finance, private credit, equities, fixed income, and multi-asset solutions.

As at 30 September 2020, MAM had $A554.9 billion of assets under management. MAM has over 1,9002 staff operating across 20 markets in Australia, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

MAM has been managing assets for institutional and retail investors since 1980 in Australia and 1929 in the US, through a predecessor firm, formerly known as Delaware Investments.


infrastructure and real assets used by ~100+ million people each day

No. 13

infrastructure manager globally

Top 504

US active mutual fund manager

The evolution of valuation metrics in determining whether a company’s stock is cheap or expensive is a topic we explored in “Evolve or perish: The evolution of company valuation,” which included discussion of the shortcomings of book yield in the post-digital era. Now we turn to the recent relative underperformance of value stocks and provide our views on their outlook: Will value be great again?

Our services

Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets is a leader in alternative asset management worldwide, specialising in infrastructure & renewables, real estate, agriculture, transportation finance and private credit via public and private funds, co-investments, partnerships and separately managed accounts. Investing regionally with expert local investment and asset management teams, its client base is primarily institutional investors, including global pension and superannuation funds, other institutions and governments.

Macquarie Investment Management is a global active manager with offices in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Its conviction-based, long-term approach provides investment solutions across a variety of equity, fixed income, multi-asset, and specialty asset classes. In the US, retail investors recognise Delaware Funds® by Macquarie as one of the longest standing mutual fund families, with MIM tracing its roots back to an investment management firm established in 1929.

Our people

"We have an opportunity to make a real and sustainable difference. Together we can invest the world’s long-term savings while helping to build and develop businesses that matter. That’s why we exist, and it’s what we’re relentlessly focused on."

Martin Stanley, Head of Macquarie Asset Management 

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