Close up of man hand with digital tablet analyzing stock market graph at night
Close up of man hand with digital tablet analyzing stock market graph at night


Debt investors

Unsecured funding

Macquarie Group has two primary external funding vehicles:

  • Macquarie Bank Limited (MBL) which primarily funds the Banking Group, and
  • Macquarie Group Limited (MGL) which primarily funds the Non-Banking Group.

Learn more about capital and regulation, credit ratings, debt programs and funding and liquidity for both MBL and MGL.

1. Certain assets of the Credit Markets business, certain activities of the Cash Equities business and the Commodity Markets and Finance business, and some other less financially significant activities are undertaken from within the Non-Banking group

Secured funding

Macquarie has been a leading participant in secured funding markets since 1993. Securitisation is used to diversify the Group’s sources of funding, most notably through the PUMA residential mortgage-backed program, the SMART asset backed program and the MBL covered bond programme.

Credit ratings

View credit ratings for Macquarie Bank Limited and Macquarie Group Limited and latest rating agency reports.


Debt Investors


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