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The Macquarie Group Foundation provides support to community organisations globally each year through financial support, volunteering and skills sharing, predominantly in the locations in which Macquarie operates.

Our work is significantly influenced by the activities of Macquarie staff with a focus on capacity building within the community sector and increasing social and economic mobility.

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The Macquarie Group Foundation’s community investment strategy is to encourage and support our staff to give back to the communities where they live and work, to support social innovation, and to strengthen the impact of non-profit organisations by funding capacity building and collaboration.

We focus on the communities where our staff are concentrated, so we can leverage staff time, expertise and networks for greater social impact.

Our key objectives are to:

  • encourage Macquarie staff to contribute service, financial support and leadership to the community organisations they choose 
  • deepen the impact of the community organisations we work with, including advancing promising social innovation, by leveraging Macquarie people and resources
  • build awareness of and staff pride in Macquarie’s approach to giving back to the communities in which it operates.

We seek to achieve these objectives by:

  • supporting staff-led community activities through matching personal donations and fundraising efforts, volunteering and providing training and non-profit board financial incentives
  • directing targeted funding (including capacity building and collaborative funding), and providing pro bono, volunteering and in-kind support
  • profiling the community organisations supported and communicating the various ways Macquarie and staff effect positive change.

Funding approach

Our funding approach

The Foundation provides funding in a number of ways, including: 

  • matching staff donations and fundraising
  • providing grants to a community organisation with a Macquarie staff member on its board
  • donating to a staff-nominated organisation for 10- and 25-year employee anniversaries
  • financial awards to community organisations recognising outstanding Macquarie staff contributions
  • making grants to organisations which meet our grants criteria (a small number of grants outside of this criteria may also be made at the Foundation’s discretion).

Grants criteria:

  • ability to demonstrate current or potential opportunities for Macquarie staff involvement
  • ability to demonstrate the organisation is promoting economic and social opportunity. Read more about our grant making focus area here.
  • working in collaboration with other organisations in the sector to deliver the proposed program or project.

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.

Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award

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Global grant making focus

Across the world, there are young people who need greater support to overcome the social barriers they face. Our global grant making focus aims to break down these barriers and provide social and economic opportunities to those who will benefit most.

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Staff champions

Each year, outstanding staff contributions to the community are recognised through our Macquarie Staff in the Community Awards. Individual winners and team awardees receive $A10,000 to donate to the non-profit organisations they support while the office winner receives $A20,000. Highly Commended awards of $A2,000 are also given. Find out more about working at Macquarie

Fundraiser of the Year

Volunteer of the Year Award

Pro Bono Adviser of the Year Award

Team of the Year Award

Office of the Year Award

Annual reviews

Our annual reviews highlight the key financial, volunteering and pro bono support Macquarie and staff contribute around the world each year.