Macquarie Sports Committee profile: Sally Kehoe

Sally Kehoe (front) rowing for Australia.


Sally Kehoe is a Senior Product Manager of Home Lending in Macquarie’s Banking and Financial Services division and a Macquarie Sports Committee member. Prior to her career in banking, Sally was a professional rower who represented Australia at three Olympic Games (2008, 2012 and 2016) before retiring in 2016 after the Rio Olympic Games. Sally credits sport for developing her into the person she is today.

“Sport has always been part of my life and has provided me with a myriad of opportunities to develop into the person I am today (and see the world!). While I played many sports as a kid, I discovered rowing at high school and before I knew it, I was representing Australia on the world stage,” said Sally.

Sally joined the Macquarie Sports Committee in July 2023 after working with two Macquarie Sport Scholarship interns who went on to join Macquarie’s Graduate Program.

“I was so impressed with the Scholarship program and felt it was the right time to merge my Macquarie life with my sporting life.”

Being involved in the Macquarie Sports Committee provides me with an opportunity to give back. We help provide more people with sporting experiences that may change the direction of their life, or open doors they never knew were there.”

Since joining the Committee, Sally has been getting up to speed on the strategy, grant partners and initiatives that Macquarie Sports runs throughout the year. As a former elite athlete, Sally is able to provide her perspective on new initiatives.

“Where appropriate, I like to also put my athlete hat on and leverage my previous experiences to either create new initiatives or provide a different perspective.”

Sally has also been able to participate in volunteering initiatives with Macquarie, such as learning to surf as part of the Surfing Australia Coach Ready program, which provides young people with the opportunity to experience surfing

Through the Macquarie Sports Committee, Sally feels she can leave an impact on Macquarie, and the sporting community more broadly.

“Simply put, I want to give more people the gift of sport and all that it has to offer. For my colleagues, this may be taking part in volunteering at clinics where we are able provide memorable opportunities and experiences to array of diverse communities. For other athletes, I'd love to continue to find more opportunities for Macquarie Sports to support athletes transitioning from sport into a career with Macquarie, which will include continual development of our Macquarie Sports Scholarship program and hopefully evolving new initiatives for retiring career athletes.” said Sally. 

Macquarie Sports is very fortunate to benefit from the support of the Macquarie Sports Advisory Committee. Our committee comprises members from business areas across Macquarie, who bring diverse perspectives and expertise to our quarterly meetings. Underpinning all committee activity is a love of sport and a deep appreciation of the role it can play in improving the lives of young people.” 

Chris McKenzie
Associate Director
Macquarie Sports


Image supplied by Rowing Australia.