Huge data and the e-commerce value chain

22 December 2020

While trends in retail consumption have experienced change for decades, COVID-19 has greatly accelerated the shift towards e-commerce. Paul Golding, Lifestyle and Payments Senior Analyst in the United States, breaks down some of these trends with the Payments Innovation podcast. Paul shares his insights across the payments sector including e-commerce and the growth of SaaS marketplaces, the rise of debit, digital wallets and the impact of Buy-Now-Pay-Later.

"At the beginning of the pandemic, companies able to turn a brick-and-mortar, point-of-sale operation into a virtual marketplace were relied upon greatly. That allowed the momentum to continue, despite the struggles small businesses faced."

Paul Golding, Senior Analyst, US Lifestyle and Payments

The Payments Innovation podcast is dedicated to helping business leaders navigate today’s global digital economy.

This episode of Payments Innovation was recorded on October 30, 2020. All predictions and or comments were made at the time of recording.