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$A641 million1

contributed since inception

$A67 million2

contributed in FY24


non-profits supported around the world


people supported through employment focused grants

Empowering people to build a better future

The Macquarie Group Foundation drives social impact work for Macquarie Group. We support our people, businesses, and communities to build a better future, and engagement with our people is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to leverage both financial and non-financial resources to achieve the greatest social impact possible.

Recognising that many people around the world face systemic barriers to employment, the majority of our funding focuses on breaking down these barriers and building effective pathways to employment.   

Deepening our social impact

This year marks the 39th year for the Macquarie Group Foundation, and it’s been a pivotal year for us - we’ve made significant progress advancing the Foundation’s strategic direction with the goal of deepening our social impact.

Supporting our people

Employee-led giving

We have an employee-led approach to giving, supporting our passionate people to contribute service, financial support and leadership to community organisations they choose, in the communities where they live and work. This means we support them to use their time, expertise and networks for greater social impact.

We provide funding in a number of ways, including:

  • matching staff donations and fundraising
  • providing grants to a community organisation with a Macquarie staff member on its board
  • donating to a staff-nominated organisation for 10 and 25-year employee anniversaries
  • financial awards to community organisations recognising outstanding Macquarie staff contributions
  • making grants to organisations which meet our grants criteria (a small number of grants outside of these criteria may also be made at the Foundation’s discretion).

Supporting our businesses

Shared value

We're supporting innovative Macquarie teams helping to solve social issues through existing business models and creating ways to have a deeper social impact.

We are discovering opportunities to drive more shared value at Macquarie and uncovering the many ways our businesses are already innovating in this area. We are now focusing on how the Foundation can help catalyse more of this social impact driven through our businesses.

Supporting our communities

Breaking down barriers to employment 

Recognising that many people around the world face systemic barriers to employment, our funding focuses on breaking down these barriers and building effective pathways to employment.

By focusing our grantmaking and using an alternative form of capital in the form of social impact investments, we are expanding the impact and sustainability of our community efforts and seeking to achieve the most significant social impact possible.

Special grant programs 

Alongside our focus on breaking down barriers to employment, we have a small number of special grant programs which respond to areas of greatest social need. Explore these programs below.

Broader community

The Macquarie Group Collection and Macquarie Sports sit within the Macquarie Group Foundation and contribute to our efforts to strengthen the communities in which we live and work.

FY2024 Annual Review

Macquarie Group Foundation Committee members

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  1. Contribution figures comprise Macquarie employees’ donations and fundraising; Foundation matching support for employees’ donations and fundraising; Foundation donations to commemorate employees attaining 10-year and 25-year anniversaries at Macquarie; Foundation grants to non-profit organisations to recognise 12 months of board service by a Macquarie employee; and Macquarie and Foundation grants and social impact investments to community organisations since inception in 1985 to 31 March 2024.
  2. In the 12 months to 31 March 2024.
  3. Data has been supplied in FY2024 by Macquarie grant partners and not independently verified for activities undertaken with support from Macquarie Group philanthropic funding. Employment is defined by our grant partners using one or more of these categories: type; hours; living wage; meaningful, secure; career progression; income progression; job retention. It is possible for a person to be counted as employed more than once (for example: if they move to another job). Support is defined by our grant partners using one of more of these categories: direct help; indirect help; giving information; raising awareness of an issue.