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Developing algorithmic trading strategies in London: Maud’s story

From proposing new technologies and shaping strategies for the trading team, to running London’s ‘Women in Technology’ initiative – in a short two years at Macquarie, Maud has made a contribution on the trading floor and far beyond.


Two and a half years ago Maud Eyzat had never heard of Macquarie. With experience working in the financial services sector, she applied for a job she thought would stretch her skills – but the role wasn’t the only thing Maud was looking for.

“I had been looking for quite a while to find the right fit not only in terms of the job, but also in terms of the company’s culture,” says Maud. “Macquarie’s entrepreneurial spirit and core values resonated strongly with me and convinced me to apply.”

Now working in Macquarie’s Equity and Derivatives trading team to develop algorithmic trading strategies, Maud values how close she is to the business and the contribution she can make to shaping the work her team is delivering on.

“I sit on the trading floor, close to where business decisions are made."

The size of the technology team means that you can be involved in defining the standards for your division, you don’t just come in and are told ‘this is the way we do things’, you get to help shape the strategy."

"There’s also always a new challenge. I am currently working on a project developing a new trading strategy and I’m responsible for managing it end-to-end. It’s not like at other firms where you might get a small part of the project to work on. It’s exciting to see it come to life and know that your product is going to be used daily,” she said.


A contribution far beyond the trading floor

Maud has excelled in her career, but her contribution goes far beyond her day job.

Her involvement in the Macquarie Group Foundation and Employee Network Groups has been hugely important for Maud, particularly running the London arm of the ‘Women in Technology’ initiative.

“I really appreciate that you get support from the organisation to work on projects that matter to you outside of your work as well."

I really appreciate that you get support from the organisation to work on projects that matter to you outside of your work as well."

"‘Women in Technology’ is one that is important to me – it’s an internal initiative focused on inspiring more women to work in technology. We provide opportunities and showcase role models to younger generations, as well as addressing diversity challenges in this field. It’s extremely rewarding.”

The fast pace of change and the necessity to adapt quickly is something that Maud says is exciting about working at Macquarie but can also be challenging. “The innovative nature of the business means the priorities can change quickly. Not being afraid to throw yourself into a new challenge is important. I’ve had the opportunity to design and develop projects that are brand new where I am not only coding, but I am involved in all aspects – from scoping the business requirements and managing the stakeholders, to delivering the project. At times it felt daunting but overcoming these challenges leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment,” she said.

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