Ropemaker Place, London, Macquarie offices
Ropemaker Place, London, Macquarie offices

Q&A with Florence Marshall, Summer Intern in Technology

Florence Marshall was a 2019 Summer Intern in Macquarie's Technology team.


What was your role?

I was a Technology Summer Intern within the Data Services team at Macquarie Group.

What did you study at university?

I studied Computer Science at the University of Southampton.

What initially attracted you to Macquarie?

Macquarie’s global presence within its various sectors, as well as its approach and ethos of working is what initially attracted me to the organisation.

I liked the entrepreneurial approach that Macquarie has, which gives me more freedom to be creative within my division.

How was the application process overall? And what was your favourite part?

After the application, I completed the online psychometric tests. These were slightly more challenging than other psychometric tests I have done. The online video questions were the next stage and these were a mix of skill based and competency questions. Although scary at first, I enjoyed these as they gave you the opportunity to show your personality as well as your ability. The final stage was the Superday at the London offices. I had 4 rounds of interviews; Brain Teasers, Programming, Design and Competency. The whole process was smooth and informative which instantly gave me a positive outlook on the company.

The Superday at the London office was my favourite part, it gave me a good understanding of the company and although I was an interviewee, it also gave me the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about the culture.

How would you describe the culture at Macquarie?

The culture at Macquarie seems to differ from the banking norms. The flat hierarchy concept allowed me to interact with senior leaders on all levels and gain valuable knowledge. Everyone is willing to give you the time to ask questions, and no question is deemed silly. It is a great working environment.

What does an average day look like for you?

I was assigned my own proof of concept project which meant my days varied. Sometimes I start my days with meetings with teams in Sydney or my team in London. I would then catch up on my emails and continue my project work. I had daily stand ups and many agile meetings such as retrospectives, where the team would come together to showcase what they have been working on.

In addition to the everyday work, as interns we had weekly Senior Speaker talks, and Lunch and Learns, where we learnt about all the different divisions of the company. Every day I was learning something new, either technical or business related.

What have been the highlights of your internship?

There were many highlights, but I would say my top highlights were; being able to meet new people, using new technologies, being able to be creative with my ideas; and the responsibility I was given to do my work.

What top 3 tips would you give someone who wants to apply to Macquarie?

  1. Be yourself.
  2. Work hard.
  3. Ask lots of questions.

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