Our boutique structure provides connectivity, collaboration and support for each of our individual investment teams. 


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As at 31 March 2024. Across Macquarie Asset Management’s equity division globally.

Our equities business operates as a collection of autonomous boutiques, allowing investment teams to focus on effectively implementing their investment processes. In doing so, they seek to deliver better risk-adjusted returns for clients over the long term. 

We focus on highly differentiated portfolios in inefficient equity asset classes, avoiding those that are overcrowded and unrewarding. Our investment teams have the skills to adapt to investor needs and market conditions, seeking to deliver new solutions driven by a fundamental research or systematic approach.

In seeking to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns, each investment team has its own individual philosophy and approach to exploiting market inefficiencies.

A central equities platform centred around business management, implementation and execution, risk management and portfolio construction supports our boutique structure in seeking to achieve alpha generation. 


Independent teams, supported by a central platform, operating with a singular focus on achieving client objectives. 


Deep industry and company knowledge and experience to inform investment decisions. 


Research-driven active managers seeking to deliver differentiated portfolios. 

"We believe equity portfolios offer investors long-term growth opportunities. Our differentiated equity boutiques seek to provide a range of attractive risk-adjusted returns to help meet client objectives.”


John Pickard
Chief Investment Officer – Equities & Multi-Asset

Our investment strategies

Our investment teams seek to uncover opportunities across global developed and emerging equity markets.

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