Shaping the future of Sydney’s CBD

15 September 2023

Macquarie Group is delivering the new Sydney Metro Martin Place integrated station precinct. The precinct includes the new Martin Place metro station, a retail and dining destination, underground pedestrian connections and two landmark buildings: the 39-storey 1 Elizabeth, and the 28-storey 39 Martin Place. As the new Martin Place Station is completed underground, the integrated station precinct is taking shape above, with the entire precinct opening in time for Sydney Metro services in 2024.

The Sydney Metro Martin Place integrated station development is the next chapter in the story of Sydney's civic, cultural and financial district.

The 39-storey 1 Elizabeth location will become Macquarie Group’s new global headquarters with its employees, currently based across four offices in the Sydney CBD, coming together in one location for the first time in over 20 years. Set to open in 2024, this development comes after the recent opening of three new offices globally, Paris, Milan and Tokyo, followed by New York, where Macquarie’s new regional headquarters at 660 Fifth Avenue is slated to open its doors in 2024.

The development of 1 Elizabeth is underpinned by four guiding principles which inform how our people and the public will engage with the space, as well as how it gives back to the Sydney CBD. These principles are Community, Sustainability, Connection to Country and Wellbeing.

When construction is completed in 2024, people can expect accessible public spaces that are sustainable, maximise the use of natural light, feature native plants and public art, pay respect to the land’s traditional owners, and are digitally-enabled. Our goal is that this precinct will contribute to the reinvigoration of Martin Place that has been taking place over the past several years.


A smart and sustainable building in Sydney

The workplace is powered by


renewable energy
The 1 Elizabeth building is



The 1 Elizabeth building and broader precinct is enabled for full electrification in normal operations. The building is highly interconnected and intelligent, using the Internet of Things to optimise various functions - automated systems control lighting, temperature, and ventilation based on occupancy and environmental conditions. Advanced sensors monitor energy usage, occupancy patterns, and air quality, enabling efficient resource management and responsive maintenance.

6 Star Green Star Design Review rating

Platinum WiredScore rating

Both Metro Martin Place and 1 Elizabeth have been designed with sustainability in mind and achieved a 6-Star Green Star Design Review rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. Key features include the capture and re-use of rainwater, landscaping and greening throughout the public spaces, implementing smart technology and maximising natural light throughout the journey from platform level.


Creating a place for everyone

From the inception of the project, Macquarie consulted with the communities which surround Martin Place - from daily commuters to small business owners - to ensure the precinct provides shared value to all. At Sydney’s heart of commerce and culture, 1 Elizabeth and the Sydney Metro Martin Place precinct is a place created with life in mind, that brings people together. It’s a place for everyone.

The 1 Elizabeth building fosters social connections, enhanced wellbeing and promotes a sense of belonging through a focus on shared public and private common spaces, amenities and services which allow people to come together – physically and remotely – for moments that matter. While home offices have the advantage of privacy and allowing for independent focused work, 1 Elizabeth prioritises the need for connection and community.

To ensure the building and its facilities meet the unique requirements of our workforce, employees from different parts and levels of the business were involved in participatory design workshops, where they had the opportunity to shape what the building looks and feels like.

Beyond the 1 Elizabeth office location, the Sydney Metro Martin Place precinct will provide a community-driven experience for the thousands of people, expected to commute through the precinct every day.