Delivering LNG projects to help ensure energy security across Europe and the Americas

Wavecrest Energy will develop new infrastructure that expands market access to liquefied natural gas (LNG) in underserved markets, enhancing energy security and providing access to lower-emission fuel sources.

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Sector Energy
Sub-sector Energy Transition
Location Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific


Enabling energy security and resilience

Natural gas and LNG are a critical component of the energy mix, reflecting its role as an available, reliable, and flexible fuel source with a lower emissions profile than coal and fuel oils. 

LNG enables countries with limited indigenous production and/or pipeline connectivity to access the global natural gas markets. New investment in LNG infrastructure is required in high-income and emerging economies that plan to rely on gas to accelerate their shift away from more carbon intensive energy sources, grow their dispatchable energy supply and diversify supply routes in response to challenging geopolitical conditions.


Providing access to capital and technical expertise

WaveCrest Energy was formed by Macquarie Capital to develop solutions that enable the role of LNG in energy security and decarbonisation in existing and new markets where it is needed. It oversees projects that aim to provide end-users with reliable access to natural gas, in turn helping them reduce their direct emissions by enabling fuel switching.

Uniquely positioned to provide an end-to-end project solution, WaveCrest provides access to flexible capital, development and financing capabilities, technical and operational expertise, and physical commodity solutions.

Most recently Macquarie Capital and WaveCrest supported the development of the Deutsche Ostsee LNG import terminal, Germany’s first privately funded LNG terminal. In addition to providing development and construction capital to the project, WaveCrest integrated with the Deutsche ReGas team to help bring the terminal to successful completion by providing critical technical, operational and commercial capabilities. 


Delivering a low-carbon energy future

The Deutsche Ostsee LNG terminal will play a critical role in supplying natural gas to Germany for this and future winters, with capacity to supply up to 5.2 billion cubic metres (bcm) of natural gas per year, equivalent to five per cent of German domestic gas consumption in 2021.1

The Wavecrest platform is fully set up to partner up with developers and strategic partners to provide strategic, financial and technical support in delivering LNG regasification projects. With a management team experienced in all aspects of project development and execution, and a track record of bringing projects from concept to operation in varying geographies and environments, WaveCrest is well-positioned to deliver reliable, sustainable and profitable LNG projects that serve as a bridge to a new low-carbon energy future.


Germany’s first privately funded LNG terminal

5.2 billion cubic metres

capacity to supply 5.2 billion cubic metres of natural gas per year

5 per cent

equivalent to five per cent of German  domestic gas consumption in 20211

WaveCrest Energy is pleased to be part of such a technically challenging and economically important project for Germany. We are well positioned to provide smart capital to projects by combining the strength of our owner, Macquarie Capital, with our team’s industry-leading expertise."

Rob Bryngelson, WaveCrest CEO

1. German domestic gas consumption in 2021 amounted to 93.6 bcm (Source: Eurostat

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