Our investments underpin economies, communities and households, and are relied on by more than 290 million1 people every day.



infrastructure businesses


people every day rely on the infrastructure in which we invest1


people employed or contracted by our assets2

As at 31 March 2024.

Ageing infrastructure, demographic changes, digitalisation and the impacts of climate change require long-term investment in essential infrastructure to meet the needs of communities.

We create, invest in, and operate infrastructure assets across the energy, utility, transportation, digital, waste management and social sectors. We unlock the capital required to maintain, upgrade and build the infrastructure of the future while creating investment opportunities for our clients and partners.

Leveraging the experience of industry experts

Our team brings deep expertise and understands the challenges and opportunities in the industries in which we invest.

As the world’s largest infrastructure manager3, we leverage the strength of our global platform, track record and strategic relationships to create value for our partners and those whose savings we are trusted to manage.

Whether it be population growth, urbanisation or ageing populations, we invest in transportation, logistics and social infrastructure that services the needs and demographic changes of communities.

Digitalisation is transforming the way we work, interact and travel, demanding greater data storage capacity and faster connectivity.

Through the assets we manage, we are upgrading digital infrastructure by rolling out resilient fibre broadband, building data centres and fostering digital inclusion by connecting communities.

The impacts of climate change on communities and economies requires investment in adaptable and resilient infrastructure.

We’re working to deliver enduring value by future-proofing our assets, unlocking efficiencies and creating compelling investment opportunities in technologies and businesses at the heart of the energy transition.


We seek to invest sustainably because we believe it drives better outcomes for our clients, portfolio companies and communities over the long term.

“From using our phones to commuting to work to heating and powering our homes, infrastructure plays a critical role in our daily lives. It is our privilege to be trusted with the long-term, active stewardship of businesses on which the community depends and into which the long-term savings of millions are invested.” 


Leigh Harrison
Head of Real Assets

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We manage investments in 175 portfolio businesses, over 600 properties and 4.7 million hectares of farmland globally.

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1. Number of people reached is calculated by taking an estimate of the number of users for all MAM Real Assets portfolio companies. Examples include a specific toll road where the number of vehicles per day has been multiplied by the average number of passengers in a vehicle (average passengers in a vehicle is ~2, not dependent on country); a particular power generation asset where the amount of GWh it generates per year is divided by the average power consumption in the country where the asset is located. Portfolio company data is collected from MAM’s asset management teams on a bi-annual basis. 

2. Number of employees and contractors associated with MAM infrastructure assets. 

3. IPE Real Assets 2023 Top 100 Infrastructure Investment Managers 2023, published in July/August 2023. The ranking is the opinion of IPE Real Assets and not Macquarie. No such person creating the ranking is affiliated with Macquarie or is an investor in Macquarie-sponsored vehicles. IPE Real Assets surveyed and ranked global infrastructure investment managers. The ranking is based on infrastructure AUM as at 31 March 2023. AUM is defined by IPE Real Assets as the total gross asset value of all assets managed and committed capital (including uncalled). There can be no assurance that other providers or surveys would reach the same conclusions as the foregoing.

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