Supplier portal

Welcome to Macquarie’s supplier portal

Macquarie’s suppliers are critical to our business success. We seek the delivery of high-quality products and services and are committed to ensuring high standards of environmental, social and governance performance throughout our supply chain.

Therefore, we encourage our suppliers to have the same high standards – and to assist with this alignment, we have outlined our Principles for Suppliers below.  

Principles for Suppliers

The Principles for Suppliers outline Macquarie’s expectations of our suppliers regarding human rights, environment, health and safety, and business ethics. They help Macquarie uphold its core values with the aim of having supplier relationships that create long term, sustainable value for our clients, shareholders and communities.

We acknowledge and value the important role of suppliers in our business success and therefore aim to foster strong supplier relationships that encourage collaboration. Suppliers should be familiar with the Principles for Suppliers and the core principles of Opportunity, Accountability and Integrity described in the Macquarie Group Code of Conduct. Macquarie is committed to continuous improvement and this document is subject to modification from time to time.

As part of our digital transformation, Macquarie now utilises the Coupa procure-to-pay (P2P) platform for all purchasing, invoicing and payments. The Coupa registration process for suppliers comes at no cost to you and includes the ability to submit and track your invoices on the platform.

As part of the new supplier verification process, you may be contacted by Macquarie’s Vendor Support Team to provide further information validating your company details before any orders or payments are made through the platform.

All current suppliers should ensure their company details they have on record with Macquarie are up to date, including name, address, email address, and bank account details. Please advise Macquarie of any changes by emailing vendor.support@macquarie.com.

To facilitate timely payment, all valid invoices must include a purchase order number and should be submitted electronically to Macquarie via the Coupa Supplier Portal. If you are not linked to Macquarie on Coupa, please contact us at vendor.support@macquarie.com to receive an invite to register.

Unless contracted otherwise, Macquarie's standard payment term is 30 days from receipt of a valid invoice.

Note: For suppliers in India and China, hard copy invoices are to be sent to the Macquarie contracting office as per the details on the purchase orders.

If you have any questions, or wish to provide feedback please email vendor.support@macquarie.com.

Raising concerns about improper conduct

Macquarie’s suppliers, their employees and subcontractors are able to confidentially report concerns about improper conduct by Macquarie, the supplier or any other party in the supply chain. Improper conduct includes a breach of law, a breach of Macquarie’s Code of Conduct or relevant policies, conduct that may endanger the health and safety of any person or the environment, financial malpractice or unethical behaviour. Any genuine concerns about improper conduct may be reported in confidence to the Integrity Office at integrityoffice@macquarie.com which is an internally independent and confidential function that oversees Macquarie’s Whistleblower Program.