Modernising frontline workforce management in emerging markets

Macquarie Capital invested in BetterPlace, a provider of digital enterprise software and services solutions for the lifecycle management of frontline workers in emerging markets.

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Sector Technology
Sub-sector Software
Location India, SEA and GCC


By 2026, India’s frontline workforce is due to increase to approximately 225 million, driven largely by the acceleration of growing blue collar industries1 and the strong push to accelerate the development of manufacturing capabilities.

Large enterprises typically invest in HR management systems to manage and review the performance of office-based employees, however most do not have a systematic and consistent process for their frontline workers, and still rely on traditional offline methods.

In emerging economies, enterprises are facing multiple challenges in managing the frontline workforce, such as shorter employment tenures, a greater tendency to be mobile, and complicated and highly distributed hiring processes that make use of intermediaries. Frontline workforce management is a fragmented and unorganised market, and technology penetration currently covers only 10 per cent2  of frontline employees. No organised database was uniquely focused to capture personal, professional, and financial information for the mentioned massive working population.   

Started in India, BetterPlace Safety Solutions Private Limited ("BetterPlace") provides enterprises with modularised software across the entire lifecycle of their frontline workforce, covering services such as hiring, background verification, up skilling, rostering, payroll and attendance, in addition to retention benefits. BetterPlace is a horizontal software offering which includes vendor management for over 500 large enterprises today.

For the employees that have used BetterPlace services, it offers access to a variety of upskilling, financial support and medical benefits programs.

Over 1,100 organisations use BetterPlace's services to manage over 4 million frontline workers monthly. 3


In 2022, BetterPlace sought investment to expand both its product offering and geographical reach across Asia, launching an extended Series C investment round that included Macquarie Capital.4

BetterPlace’s other shareholders include leading regional venture capital investors including United, 3one4 Capital, Jungle Ventures and SiteGround, as well as the UK government’s development finance institution, British International Investment.


Macquarie Capital’s investment will be used to fund acquisitions to allow BetterPlace to bolster its footprint in India and expand its presence in Southeast Asia and other new markets, including through the recently announced acquisition of MyRobin, a workforce-as-a-services platform in Indonesia.

This will allow it to expand its globally scalable platform and cement its position as a leading provider of digital workforce management platforms to the largely informal sector of frontline workforce management.


enterprises use BetterPlace’s services

4 million

frontline workers are managed monthly in India

2.5 million

workers in India upskilled

Having identified the enormous opportunity to disrupt outdated practices in the management of frontline workforces in Asia, we are pleased to partner with BetterPlace to support its mission to enable enterprises and empower frontline workers through software-led solutions, while creating a lasting social impact in emerging economies.”

Colin Wu
Head of Technology Capital Asia, Macquarie Capital

1. PGA Labs Analysis.
2. Worldbank and ILO.
3. News article
4. The investment was made via a Macquarie managed entity supported by third party capital.

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