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Corporate Governance

Macquarie’s approach to corporate governance is to:

  • identify and realise opportunity for shareholders, clients, employees and communities
  • promote the long term profitability of Macquarie while prudently managing risk
  • drive superior and sustainable shareholder value over the long‐term; and
  • meet stakeholder expectations of sound corporate governance.

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Board of Directors

Macquarie recognises that independent directors have an important role in assuring shareholders that the Board is able to act in the best interests of Macquarie and independently of management. The Policy on Board Renewal, Appointment of Directors and Board Performance Review sets out the fundamental factors relevant to the selection and appointment of new Directors.

Committee memberships

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Macquarie Independent Directors Macquarie Board Audit Governance
and Compliance
Nominating Remuneration Risk
Glenn Stevens Chair - - Chair - -
Jillian Broadbent Member - - Member Chair Member
Philip Coffey Member - Member Member - Chair
Michelle Hinchliffe Member Chair Member Member - -
Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz Member Member - Member Member -
Rebecca McGrath Member - Chair Member - Member
Mike Roche Member Member - Member Member Member



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Macquarie Executive Voting Director Macquarie Board Audit Governance and Compliance Nominating Remuneration Risk
Shemara Wikramanayake Member - - - - -

Business conduct and ethics

Macquarie’s Code of Conduct sets out the way staff are expected to do business. The Code of Conduct is also reflected in, and supported by, a broad range of Macquarie’s policies and procedures. 

Continuous disclosure

Macquarie believes that shareholders, regulators, ratings agencies and the investment community should be informed of all major business events and risks that influence Macquarie in a factual, timely and widely available manner. Macquarie’s continuous disclosure policy is incorporated in the Continuous Disclosure Policy.

Constitution and charters

Macquarie’s Constitution sets out requirements concerning the setting of board size, meetings, election of directors and the powers and duties of directors. The Board Charter details the Board’s role and responsibilities and its relationship with Management. Macquarie’s five standing Board Committees assist the Board in its oversight role. The Board Committee Charters detail the composition and responsibilities of each Committee and how they exercise their authority.