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Our specialist expertise

Global Carbon

Providing integrated carbon offsetting solutions across the entire carbon offset value chain to support clients with their energy transition journey.

Building on our environmental products expertise and market-leading commodities and capital markets platform, we offer a variety of carbon offsetting solutions: from investing in offset generating projects to sourcing and retiring offsets for clients.

The team brings together industry-leading professionals who are helping to shape the global voluntary carbon markets. These markets play an important role in global decarbonisation, and whilst they are still developing, we aim to deploy our rigour and accountability to help influence their increased robustness and responsible growth.


Learn what carbon offsets are, how they work, and the entire offset value chain from generation to retirement.

Coverage of the compliance and voluntary carbon markets since 2006

Member of the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), IHS Markit Global Carbon Index and Meta Registry Advisory Boards

Serving a diverse range of clients across the Exploration and Production (E&P), airline and automotive sectors

Our services


We source and trade voluntary carbon offsets over-the-counter, through exchanges and through non-standardised products where we have direct involvement in the underlying project.

We assess the voluntary carbon offset trading schemes’ suitability against our own risk assessment framework, in addition to the project specific analysis undertaken by a scheme’s own methodology. This framework is founded on the principles set by leading international standards.

Where we are directly involved in an offset generating project, we are rigorous in our approach to ensure high environmental and social integrity. For example, we have invested in a program to deploy cookstoves to rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa that cook on traditional open fires. This program delivers verified emissions reductions as well as social and health improvements – both directly and in the long term – through local employment opportunities, crop propagation schemes, and ongoing community support. This is supplemented by a component of the proceeds from the sale of the carbon units going to an independent Foundation, established to further the positive community impact.

Building on this investment, we are actively looking to bring further capital and expertise to other carbon offset generating projects as well as wider decarbonisation initiatives including nature-based solutions, carbon capture utilisation and sequestration (CCUS), and other forms of innovative environmental and low-carbon technology.


We deploy tailored trading, hedging and warehousing strategies to support our clients’ carbon requirements.

The combination of our market-leading commodities platform, long-standing compliance carbon market expertise, and being at the forefront of the voluntary carbon market, enables us to unlock unique trading opportunities and provide a range of structures for the diverse needs of our clients.

Access to markets

We distribute offsets to a range of commodities, infrastructure and institutional clients to assist them in meeting their carbon offset requirements, drawing on our existing inventory position, investment in offset producing projects and access to carbon markets.

We have a strong track record in structuring industry-leading transactions, offsetting commodities, assets and financial products. We are involved in arranging the initial greenhouse gas footprint calculation and verification, through to the associated carbon credit identification, sourcing and retirement.

Who we are and where we operate

We are a global team of over 20 people operating out of the following major hubs:

  • Houston
  • Shanghai
  • London
  • Singapore 
  • New York
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo

Our people

Suraj Vanniarachchy: From forestry to finance

Suraj started his career as a forester and now applies his wealth of experience in the Global Carbon team. He reflects on his unconventional journey and how he has been able to marry both his passion and career to deliver a positive environmental contribution.