Macquarie Group Foundation 2022 Annual Review

Macquarie Group Collection

Jacqui Vanzella
Macquarie Group Collection

Helen Burton
Macquarie Group Collection

10th annual Emerging Artist Prize

A record number of submissions

10 finalists selected

The collection acknowledges Macquarie’s heritage and reflects our culture as an organisation that actively explores ideas, supports emerging talent and embraces diversity of thought.” 

Jacqui Vanzella
Macquarie Group Collection

2021 Macquarie Group Emerging Artist Prize

The Collection’s annual Emerging Artist Prize and Exhibition celebrated its 10th year in FY2022. In recognition of this milestone, 10 finalists were selected from a record number of submissions, enabling more emerging artists to be supported. 

The event was once again held virtually, with strong external engagement following a successful social media campaign. 

The exceptional quality of the finalists’ work reflects the significant depth of talent to be found among Australia’s next generation of promising artists. Congratulations to the 2021 finalists:

Indigenous Art Code - introduction of an Artist Engagement Officer

In FY2021, The Collection supported the Indigenous Art Code’s ‘Our Art Is Our Lifeline’ national media campaign, which aimed to support the Indigenous art industry through the  global crisis and promote fair and ethical trading. In FY2022, the balance of our funding supported the implementation of an Artist Engagement Officer, currently 3 days per week, working to process artist member applications and an increasing number of artist enquiries.