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Cascade S300

Asset ID: 209938

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Engineering Wafer Prober

Wafer Prober

Equipment details:

Date of Manufacture:

Currently Configured for: 300mm

Current Equipment Status: Available

Asset HDD not included

Location of Equipment: Manassas, United States

Available date: Currently Available

Probe Station Performance 

X-Y Stage

Travel: 301mm x 301mm (11.9 in. x 11.9 in.)

Resolution: 0.1 µm (0.004 mils)

Repeatability: ≤ 2 µm (0.08 mils) Speed: > 51mm/sec (2 in./sec.)

Accuracy: ≤ 4 µm (0.16 mils)

Bearings: Precision ball

Z Stage

Travel: 10.0mm (395 mils)

Resolution: 1 µm (0.04 mils)

Repeatability: ≤ 3 µm (0.12 mils)

Speed: >15mm/sec (0.6 in./sec.)

Lifting capacity: ≤ 15kg (33 lb.) *

*Measured at edge of 300mm chuck

Theta Stage

Travel: ± 7.5 degrees

Resolution: 0.5 µm (0.02 mils)*

Repeatability: ≤ 3 µm (0.12 mils)*

*Measured at edge of 300mm chuck


Size: 304mm (12 in.) diameter

Material: Nickel or gold-plated aluminum

2 integrated auxiliary stages: Multi-Zone vacuum controls

Flatness: thermal chuck < 30 µm; non-thermal 15 µm


Z lift range: 3mm (0.12 in.)

Z lift type: Precision 4-point Linear

Repeatability: ≤ 3 µm (0.12 mils)

System includes

Wafer loading support with Roll-out chuck

Anti-vibration system

Storage area for computer controller & accessories

Castor wheels, and System leveling feet.

Typical Probe Station Configuration

Optics Bridgemount

System Controller


- Optem A-Zoom

- Mitutoyo FS60

- Olympus StereoZoom



Cables & Accessories

Thermal Chiller/Controller

Video System

Facility Requirements

Vacuum: 400mm (15 in.) of Hg min.

Dry air purge: (thermal systems only) 3 liters per sec.

(6 SCFM) with dew point of <-65ºC Compressed air : 0.5 litres/sec (1-CFM @ 85 psi. min.)

Power: 115 V @ 2 A, 230 V @ 1 A 50/60Hz


Station: 132cm (W) x 113cm (D) x 108cm (H) (52 in. x 44 x 41 in.)

Net weight: 780 kg (1,720 lb.) including optics bridgemount

Regulatory Compliance

All S300 series stations conform to CE mark and are ETL listed.

For More Information

Refer to the Nucleus Prober Control Software data sheet for more information on station control software.

Refer to S300 Configuration Guide for more information on accessories to complete your system.

S300 Accessories

Cascade Microtech can provide these S300 accessories and many more:

High Stability Optics Bridge Mount

Large Area Optics Bridge Mount

Triaxial Connection Panel (for High Stability Mount only)

Probe Card Holder (MicroChamber version)

Computer Accessory Platform Kit (for computer monitor, keyboard, mouse & joystick)

Video Monitor/Accessory Platform

Thermal Controller and Chiller Packages -55 to 200ºC, -55 to 300ºC, 0 to 200/300ºC, Amb. to 200/300ºC

FOUP Wafer Loader available

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