Lodge your proxy ahead of the meeting

Proxy voting closes at 10:30 am (AEST) on Tuesday, 26 July 2022.

Shareholders are invited to participate via the following

Lumi website

You will need your HIN/SRN and postcode/country code to access the meeting.

Recommended for all shareholders and proxyholders.

Shareholders and proxyholders are encouraged to watch and participate in the AGM via the online platform by using:

Computer or mobile devices: enter the following URL in your browser: https://web.lumiagm.com

The meeting ID for Macquarie’s AGM is: 346571356

You will then need to enter your SRN/HIN and postcode/country code.

Your SRN/HIN is printed on your Proxy Form.

Your postcode is your postcode registered on your holding if you are an Australian shareholder. For overseas shareholders, you should enter your “country code” which can be found in the online User Guide.

Proxyholders will need to contact Macquarie’s share registry, Link, on 1300 554 096 to obtain their login details to participate live online.

Non-shareholders may login as a guest using the Lumi AGM platform.

Online webcast

Basic contact information required for login.

Recommended for guests.

The meeting will be webcast live on the Macquarie website.

Non-shareholders may view the webcast by registering online as a guest.

The meeting will be recorded and will be available on the Macquarie website shortly after the event.

The webcast is ‘view only’, those viewing the webcast through the Macquarie website will not be able to vote or ask questions.


Contact us

Link Market Services

Within Australia: 1300 554 096

International: +61 1300 554 096

Email: macquarie@linkmarketservices.com.au