Diversity and inclusion

We understand the importance of diversity and inclusion

Macquarie's range of experiences, skills and views are key strengths and critical to the wide range of services the Group delivers across the globe as well as understanding the communities in which we operate.

Macquarie is committed to:

  • attracting a broad range of candidates
  • applying fair and robust selection processes
  • providing a workplace that is inclusive of all individuals
  • providing the relevant structures and work environment to best support its people to reach their full potential in the workplace
  • allocating pay and advancement opportunities in a fair and equitable way with a view to both merit and the markets and business environments in which Macquarie operates.

Workforce Diversity Policy

Macquarie’s long standing management philosophy is to encourage innovation and to reward achievement within a framework of personal responsibility. This merit based culture is reflected in What We Stand For, where Macquarie sets out the three principles that define Macquarie’s approach; Opportunity, Accountability and Integrity.

To support the organisation in achieving its diversity objectives, a Workforce Diversity Policy has been developed which has been endorsed by Macquarie’s Board and Executive Committee. Its aim is to publicly define Macquarie’s workforce diversity commitment and the structures in place to ensure it is realised.

For further information on Macquarie’s commitment and approach to Diversity please read our Diversity disclosure in the Annual Report.

Workplace Gender Equality

In accordance with the requirements of the Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012 (Cth), Macquarie lodged its 2020 annual public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

You may make comments on this report by contacting Macquarie’s EEO and Diversity Office or the Agency wgea.gov.au.

Composition of workforce

Macquarie aims to promote a workforce that is reflective of the diversity within the communities in which it operates.

Macquarie’s ongoing commitment to achieving gender balance at the leadership levels of the organisation is demonstrated in the strong female representation on the Board and Executive Committee and improving representation at Division Head and Senior Executive levels. 

Macquarie’s focus continues to be on developing the internal and external female talent pipeline at both junior and senior levels and enhancing its recruitment processes to facilitate this. 

As part of its graduate recruitment campaigns, Macquarie continues to sponsor female university societies, promote opportunities to a diverse pool of students on campus and actively mentor females through the recruitment and selection process.

Macquarie also leverages work undertaken at an industry level to promote finance/banking careers to female students in secondary schools. Independently, Macquarie hosts events aimed toward high-performing high school students studying maths, economics or commerce or with an interest in finance to educate students on the breadth of opportunities available within the financial services industry.