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Macquarie US Equity Research is at the forefront of five global sectors, bringing deep expertise and timely insights to uncover the issues and trends driving companies, industries and markets today.

With coverage across enterprise software, media and advertising, gaming and leisure, digital payments and consumer lifestyle trends, our team provides a differentiated perspective and a diversified knowledge base that encourages critical thinking and generates breakthrough ideas.

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Technology and consumer industry trends from Macquarie US Equity Research

The Macquarie US Equity Research team discusses some of the major trends impacting sectors such as lifestyle, software, media and advertising, and gaming and leisure.

Our analysts and coverage areas

Sarah Hindlian
Enterprise Software

Sarah has 20 years of experience in TMT and joined Macquarie in 2015. Her background experience spans from the COO of an early stage cloud-computing start-up to TMT desk strategy and research across software and social media. She is also a member of 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Sarah graduated from Wellesley College with a degree in Economics, and a concentration from MIT’s Sloan School of Business.

Chad Beynon
Gaming and Leisure

Chad heads the US Consumer team and has followed gaming, lodging and theatres since the firm’s US inception in September 2007. In 2012, Chad was named one of Institutional Investor's Rising Stars of Wall Street (Gaming and Lodging), voted by corporate clients. Chad graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Tim Nollen
Media and Advertising

Tim joined Macquarie as a Senior Analyst in London in 2009 following European media and relocated to New York in 2011 to add coverage of US media and entertainment. He has 20 years of experience covering US and European advertising and US publishing stocks. Tim earned both his undergraduate and MBA degrees at Georgetown University.

Paul Golding
Lifestyle and Payments

Paul is Macquarie’s US Leisure Analyst, covering subsectors including cruise lines, theme parks and functional facilities and fitness. Prior to covering leisure, Paul was a senior associate in media and entertainment, known for his lead coverage of Roku and OTT distribution. Paul came to Macquarie from corporate finance after attending the University of Southern California, where he studied business administration with an emphasis in business economics.

Jordan Bender
Gaming REITs

Jordan is a Senior Associate covering gaming, lodging and leisure and recently picked up coverage of the Gaming REIT sector. Prior to joining Macquarie in April 2018, he spent three years covering industrial machinery. Jordan holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Oregon.

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