Decarbonisation of electricity generation

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How do we decarbonise electricity generation?

Electrification of everything

Electricity is likely to account for around 50 per cent of energy consumption globally in 2050, up from the current 20 per cent. 

Green Hydrogen

If green hydrogen proves viable, this share could be even higher. 

Renewables are key

Wind and solar, supported by energy storage, are likely to be the mainstays of power generation in the future.

Significant capital needs

The decarbonisation of the electricity sector may require about $US53.4 trillion of capital over the next three decades.

Lower energy demand

Higher energy efficiency, structural economic shifts, and a possible “energy saturation effect” may lead to lower energy consumption in 2050 compared with today. 

Market Perspectives Webinar

Phasing out fossil fuels is urgent. A range of solutions is real now. Discussions included: 

Green energy – Comparing hydrogen, biofuels and more.

Capital investment trends – Where the smart money may be headed. 

The long view – How institutions can prioritize.

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Electricity consumption is growing worldwide, making decarbonisation in the sector both a challenge and an imperative. Researchers Aizhan Meldebek and Thomas Studer examine net zero goals related to electricity and take a deep dive on key technologies, as well as the economics behind renewables, green hydrogen, and more.