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Display of Stock market quotes with city lights reflect on glass

Specialist expertise

Fixed income

Providing access to debt markets

Our fixed income business specialises in arranging, placing, structuring and providing secondary market pricing and in-depth market analysis for debt securities. 

Our areas of focus

We have been working with clients for more than 20 years, providing capital in all market conditions across a range of debt products. We use our specialist expertise in structuring, securitisation and trading to provide clients with access to the capital markets and financing for portfolios of financial assets.

We finance a broad range of assets, including but not limited to, residential and commercial mortgages, autos, consumer credit, green energy, sporting organisations, corporate debt and commercial receivables, via securitisation, warehousing, seasoning and term financing facilities.

We work closely with our issuer and investor clients to develop solutions using the private and public capital markets to achieve desired scale, capital and return efficiency. 

Our experienced and specialised team collaborates with a diverse set of clients to provide tailored interest rate solutions across a range of currencies. Products include fixed income and interest rate derivatives.

Macquarie Aurora

Our Aurora digital trading platform allows clients real-time access to Commodities and Global Markets’ global suite of products and services, offering a customised solution to their trading, hedging and operational requirements and enabling them to interact with our trading teams electronically in real time.

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