Aerial view white oil tank, storage of oil and petrochemical products ready for logistic and transport business
Aerial view white oil tank, storage of oil and petrochemical products ready for logistic and transport business

Our specialist expertise


Risk and capital solutions across physical and financial commodity markets

We have capabilities across global commodity markets, connecting producers, consumers, investors and merchants, and working with our clients to manage risk, finance operations and gain strategic insight into their businesses and the markets in which they operate. We also offer commodity-based index products to institutional investors.

Full-spectrum offering

We provide financing and capital solutions, trading and hedging, physical offtake and supply, market research and analysis, and investor products for commodity market participants

Specialist expertise

In-house schedulers, structurers, logistics experts, meteorologists, geologists, petroleum and mining engineers provide specialist understanding of commodity market supply chains

Bespoke financing solutions

Throughout the commodity value chain, we invest in on-balance sheet solutions across the globe

Our markets

We’ve been active in agricultural commodities for more than 20 years, providing financing, liquidity risk management, structured finance and physical solutions for producers, consumers, trade houses and investors.

We have capabilities across the sector, in sugar, grains and oilseeds, meat and livestock, coffee and cocoa, cotton, ethanol, freight, fertilizers, dairy, and packaging exposures like paper & pulp and resins.

Our expertise extends across the entire process of agricultural production and consumption – from soil to the consumer – providing clients with access to a unique understanding of the market.

No.2 physical gas marketer in North America1

We’ve been providing risk solutions and financing in the global energy sector for more than 15 years, building longstanding financial services expertise with a dedicated focus on this complex industry.

Utilising our trading presence in oil and oil products, natural gas, power, carbon emissions and coal products, we combine activities in the physical and financial markets to create bespoke risk management solutions for clients.

Our tailored solutions and services include:

  • Exploration and development
  • Production and generation
  • Storage and transportation
  • Marketing and retail
  • Consumption.

We provide clients including producers, refiners, airlines, utilities and shipping companies with the following:

  • Access to markets
  • Structured finance
  • Risk management solutions
  • Credit intermediation
  • Equity participation in energy projects.

We also help clients meet specific business needs by providing debt and equity capital for the upstream Oil & Gas industry, in both the advanced exploration and early development phases of a project. Clients benefit from access to our team of technical experts with specialist backgrounds in petroleum finance and accounting, petroleum engineering and geology.

In addition, we provide direct market access to physical markets in European gas and power.

We’ve been operating continuously in metals markets for more than 40 years, giving us one of the longest track records globally in this market for a financial institution.

With capabilities across the metals value chain, we deliver comprehensive financing and risk management solutions for clients, including:

  • Market-leading technical and fundamental insights
  • Customised solutions encompassing physical product, derivatives and financing
  • Cross-commodity and cross-market structuring
  • Liquidity in both derivatives and physical markets
  • Tailored investment solutions through Commodity Investor Products
  • Financing capabilities for metals in port or in transit
  • Financing warehoused metal in cash and carry trades, third party stock and repo finance
  • Logistics services.

We’ve also been financing junior mining companies for more than 30 years, partnering with developers and producers to provide debt and equity capital.

Our in-house geologists and mining engineers have deep industry expertise and technical knowledge, enabling robust evaluation of opportunities in both the advanced exploration and early development phases of projects.

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  1. Platts Q2 - September 2020.