Macquarie Group Foundation 2023 Annual Review

Deepening our social impact

Chair's message

Message from Alex Harvey
Chair, Macquarie Group Foundation

Welcome to the Macquarie Group Foundation 2023 Annual Review, which reflects on the social impact work we’ve been focusing on over the past financial year.  

This year marks our 38th year for the Macquarie Group Foundation, and it’s been a pivotal year for us - we’ve made significant progress advancing the Foundation’s strategic direction with the goal of deepening our social impact. While we’ve remained passionately committed to our employee-led approach to supporting the communities where we live and work, and we’ve also made significant inroads in our new areas of work.

These include supporting our colleagues in Macquarie businesses on shared value initiatives highlighted through the launch of the Macquarie Social Impact Award. We also made our first social impact investments and our first global grant to Generation, which together with the Foundation’s increased grantmaking across all regions, are supporting community organisations reducing barriers to employment around the world.

As always, our people remain at the heart of everything the Foundation does and strengthens the social impact we’re able to make in our communities.

Global Head's message

Message from Erin Shakespeare
Acting Global Head, Macquarie Group Foundation

FY2023 overview



contributed since inception in 19851


contributed in FY20232


non-profits supported3


in value donated through skilled volunteering4

Contribution overview

In FY2023 over $A52 million was contributed to 2,500 community organisations globally.
You can view a breakdown of this contribution below.

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Macquarie employees’ donations and fundraising efforts $A14.6 million
Macquarie Group Foundation matching donations $A14.6 million
Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award grants $A11.58 million
Macquarie Group contribution including grants and social impact investments $A11.42 million

Committee members

We would like to thank the Macquarie Group Foundation Committee members for their valuable contribution and support over the past year, Alex Harvey (Chair), Brett Bingham, Evie Bruce, Sue De Broglio, Stuart Green, Jackie Hamilton, Leigh Harrison, Verena Lim, Shawn Lytle, Bruce Phipson, Paul Plewman and Lynnette Sarno.

Supporting our people, businesses and communities to build a better future

Macquarie employees are at the heart of the Foundation’s work.

Our people continued to give their time, money, and skills to the causes they feel passionately about. Macquarie staff alone donated and fundraised $A14.6 million3, a $A2 million increase on the previous financial year. The Foundation doubled the impact of these donations through our matching program, which provides our people with up to $A50,000 in matching each year. 

Our people also gave their time, either on their own or as part of a team, through hands-on volunteering or by providing professional expertise, whether serving on the board of a non-profit, participating in a mentoring program or consulting to our non-profit partners. More than $A6.6 million4 in value was contributed through skilled volunteering hours alone. In FY2023 Macquarie also introduced two days per year of paid volunteer leave to further encourage employees to volunteer their time and skills.  

Macquarie’s ninth annual Foundation Week, when employees access additional donations for their fundraising and volunteering efforts, saw a total of $A3.2 million contributed to more than 240 non-profits globally. Over 250 initiatives took place across 43 Macquarie offices in 25 countries, with a 9% increase in volunteering events and a $A500,000 increase in funds raised from FY2022 levels.

Macquarie employees in London, United Kingdom
Macquarie employees in Calgary, Canada

Each year, the Foundation runs regional initiatives designed to educate employees on the Foundation’s grantmaking focus of reducing barriers to employment and increase engagement with non-profits doing impactful work in this area. These comprise Mentoring Week in the Americas, Better Migration Week in Asia, and Social Mobility Week in EMEA.

Macquarie employees in Melbourne, Australia
Macquarie employees in Manila, the Philippines

Spotlight on our people

When you work for an organisation that supports your volunteer activities and has an active Foundation, it adds an extraordinary dimension to your days at work. It makes your career meaningful in big, and small ways.”

Jamie Chung, Singapore office

Social impact led by our businesses

As part of our shared value strategy, we're now supporting innovative Macquarie teams helping to solve social issues through existing business models and creating ways to have a deeper social impact.

Our communities

Breaking down barriers to employment

Recognising that many people around the world face systemic barriers to employment, our grantmaking and social impact investments focus on breaking down these barriers and building effective pathways to employment. 

Mohini participated in a program with non-profit grant partner NavGurukul in India and is now employed at Macquarie. We asked Mohini what the program has meant to her.

Tom and Maliha both began their career journeys at Macquarie through CareerTrackers.

Special grant programs

Alongside our focus on breaking down barriers to employment, we have a small number of special grant programs which respond to crises or areas of specific social need. 

Two recent programs have been our COVID-19 donation fund grantees, which continued to focus on long-term economic recovery initiatives and our support of communities and families across Ukraine.

We’ve been supporting the five Macquarie 50th Anniversary Award winners, each of whom have been awarded $A10 million, for over three and a half years, and all have continued to make remarkable progress.  

Our focus on equity

Inherent to the Foundation’s grantmaking and social impact investing is a focus on equity. We’ve been working to become a more equitable funder, as well as funding programs that promote a more just society, including through our Racial Equity Fund in the Americas.

Broader community

Macquarie Group Collection

Now comprising more than 920 works, our unique corporate Collection is on display in 43 Macquarie offices worldwide. This year, art from the Macquarie Group Collection has been installed in new offices including Japan, Milan and Paris, as well as regularly rotated around the walls of other buildings. 

Macquarie Sports

Macquarie Sports continued to provide grassroots sporting opportunities to children in rural and remote communities across Australia throughout the past year. Marking a strategic expansion, it also announced its first two philanthropic grants to sports-focused organisations delivering programs that provide education, training or employment opportunities for young people aged between 12 and 20 in Australia.

Our global grant partners

Our grant partners are having an impact around the world:

  1. Contributed by the Foundation and Macquarie staff since inception in 1985.
  2. Contribution figures comprise Macquarie employees’ donations and fundraising; Foundation matching support for employees’ donations and fundraising; Foundation donations to commemorate employees attaining 10-year and 25-year anniversaries at Macquarie; Foundation grants to non-profit organisations to recognise 12 months of board service by a Macquarie employee; and Macquarie and Foundation grants to community organisations in the 12 months to 31 March 2022. 
  3. In the 12 months to 31 March 2023.
  4. In the 12 months to 31 March 2023. Figure calculated using Taproot Foundation’s average hourly value of pro bono service ($US195 per hour converted to $A290.36 as per exchange rate on 31 March 2023) multiplied by Macquarie employees’ skilled volunteering hours (22,874 hours).
  5. Grant funds either paid in full, utilised or committed between 1 April 2021 and 31 March 2023.

Image credit: Macquarie Group Foundation 2023 Annual Review header image shows Macquarie volunteers hosting a training session with staff from the Youth Sentencing & Reentry Project, Philadelphia.