Important information

Rule of the 2015 SRC IRR – Website Requirement


Board of Directors

Paulo Rojas Chairman +632 857 0888
Michael Santos Director +632 857 0888
Gilbert Lopez Director +632 857 0888
Bradford Ti Director +632 857 0888
Amer Hussein Mambuay Independent Director +632 982 3500
Paul John Gonzaga Independent Director +632 636 7661

Principal Officers

Paulo Rojas President +632 857 0888
Michael Santos Head of Sales Trading +632 857 0888
Gilbert Lopez Head of Research +632 857 0888
Bradford Ti Head of Sales +632 857 0888
Guian Nicdao Head of Settlements +632 857 0888
Ailyn Perocho Head of Finance +632 857 0888
John Paul De Leon Corporate Secretary +632 982 3500
Austin Claude Alcantara Assistant Corporate Secretary +632 982 3500
Barney Aguilar Associated Person +632 857 0888

SEC Licensed Individuals

Paulo Rojas Salesman +632 857 0888
Michael Santos Salesman +632 857 0888
Bradford Ti Salesman +632 857 0888
Karisa Magpayo Salesman +632 857 0888
Pamela Soriano Salesman +632 857 0888
Kathleen Marcelo Salesman +632 857 0888
Miguel Menchaca Salesman +632 857 0827
Barney Aguilar Associated Person +632 857 0888

Macquarie Capital Securities (Philippines) Inc. Company Profile

1. Company’s background information

  • Registered name

The Company's name is Macquarie Capital Securities (Philippines) Inc. [formerly named Macquarie Securities (Philippines) Inc., ING Securities (Philippines) Inc and Baring Securities (Philippines) Inc.].

  • Date of incorporation

The Company was incorporated on 21 August 1990.

  • Share capital

The Company's authorized share capital is P470,000,000 divided into 4,700,000 ordinary shares with a par value of P100 each. 4,643,842 shares of P100 each have been issued. All shares are fully paid up.

  • Registered office

The Company's registered office is at Level 29, Tower One, The Enterprise Center, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

  • Type of business already conducted in Philippines

The Company conducts a securities business including securities brokerage and securities trading.

2. Company’s operational information

  • Method of Operation

The Company is part of Macquarie Capital Securities, a pan-Asian regional business that includes cash equity brokerage sales, equity trading, facilitation trading, execution, research and equity capital markets businesses across Asia.  Macquarie Capital Securities markets include the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai and includes Asian sales and trading desks in London and Asian sales desks in London, Frankfurt, Munich, Geneva, New York, San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Cape Town and Johannesburg, and have affiliated offices in Australia, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Auckland.

3. Management Personnel

Name  Position
Paulo C. Rojas     President & Nominee / Head of Sales
Gilbert Y. Lopez Head of Research
Michael G. Santos Head of Sales Trading
Ailyn B. Perocho Head of Finance
Guian Nicdao Senior Manager, Settlements
Barney B. Aguilar Associated Person/ Compliance Officer
Atty. John Paul de Leon     Corporate Secretary