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The application process

Yes, Macquarie only accepts applications through our online system.

1. Visit the returning applicants portal.

2. Type in your email address and select ‘don’t know your password?’.

3. An email will be sent to you with further instructions to help you reset your password.

You can track the status of your application at any time by logging into our returning applicant’s portal on our website.

We offer sponsorship in a number of positions across Macquarie. Please contact the recruiter listed on the job advertisement for further information about a specific role.

No, unfortunately you must submit your CV or Resume to an open vacancy via our online portal.

Yes, you can apply for more than one role, but you will need to submit separate applications for each role you would like to apply for. If you are progressing to interview for more than one of the roles you have applied to, please let your recruiter know.

The recruitment process

The recruitment process does vary slightly depending on the role, however the typical process that applicants go through can be found here. For graduates and intern roles, the process can be found here.

Macquarie has a unique hiring process, with recruitment for some roles taking a number of weeks. Our team will keep you updated throughout the process, but please reach out to your recruiter if you have any questions about the status of your application. You can also check the status of your application by logging into our returning applicant’s portal.

At Macquarie, we value the innovation and creativity that diversity of thought brings.

In every one of our offices around the world, you’ll find individuals from varied backgrounds with different ways of thinking, different skills and different experiences, which is critical to the wide range of services the Group delivers across the globe as well as understanding the communities in which we operate.

People from different backgrounds have had successful careers at Macquarie, including but not limited to, engineers, scientists, medical surgeons, geologists and meteorologists.

No matter what your background is, you can expect a rewarding and challenging career at Macquarie that encourages diversity, ownership and entrepreneurial endeavour.

Macquarie has a unique hiring process, with recruitment for some roles taking a number of weeks. Our team will keep you updated throughout the process, but please reach out to your recruiter if you have any questions about the status of your application. You can also check the status of your application by logging into our returning applicant’s portal.

Expect to be asked questions relating to the skills and competencies relevant for the role.

The interview is intended to be a two-way process, so think of some questions you would like us to answer for you. This is also your chance to find out if Macquarie is the right fit for you.

At various stages throughout the recruitment process, you may be asked to provide feedback on your experience so far. Receiving a request for feedback does not mean that you have been unsuccessful. We appreciate any feedback that we receive to continue to improve our processes.

A psychometric assessment is a standard and scientific method used to measure individuals' mental capabilities and behavioural style.

There are two parts to the assessment – one measuring your cognitive ability and the other measuring your behavioural preferences.

The information generated from this assessment, in combination with all of the other information gathered during the selection process, will be used to assist us in ensuring we have a comprehensive view of the match between you and the position you have applied for.

There is no pass or fail for the psychometric assessment.

You may be asked to complete the assessment from home, or to come into one of our offices to complete it. The assessment typically takes about an hour. If you complete the assessment at home, you may be asked to come into one of our offices to complete a verification assessment.

Make sure you are prepared. Your recruiter will send you further information about the psychometric assessment and a link to do some practice tests. The practice assessments will help you familiarise yourself with the type of assessment.

Watch a short video on our psychometric assessment.

You will be able to request a copy of your psychometric assessment results once the recruitment process has been completed. Details for obtaining your results will be provided to you upon completion of your assessment.

If you have a disability and need adjustments to be made to the process, please contact your recruiter to discuss your needs confidentially.

Candidates who progress to the reference check stage will be required to submit at least two references with the following criteria:

  • your most recent direct manager or supervisor
  • someone else who has supervised you during the past five years

Please note, personal references will not be accepted.

Working at Macquarie

There are many opportunities for you to develop your career at Macquarie, with both on the job learning, and in formal development programs.

We believe that continuing to find ways to grow your knowledge and skills is critical to reaching your full potential. Our programs provide a range of options for our people at all points in their career to develop their expertise.

We are supportive of our employees wishing to further their education through undergraduate or post-graduate degrees and provide financial assistance for further study (note some conditions apply).

At Macquarie, it’s up to you to drive your career – whether that means raising your hand for new opportunities or finding new business pursuits, we let our people decide which direction they want to take.

Take on a new project; progress within your division; explore an opportunity in a different team; or relocate globally. You can choose a career route that’s as unique as you are.

Below is the typical promotion path for roles at Macquarie. Titles depend on the business group and region you are located in.

Level 1: Associate, Intern, Research Intern

Level 2: Senior Associate, Analyst, Research Associate Analyst, Credit Analyst

Level 3: Executive, Associate Manager, Team Leader, Senior Analyst, Senior Research Associate Analyst, Assistant Manager

Level 4: Manager, Senior Analyst, Research Analyst, Associate, Assistant Vice President

Level 5: Senior Manager, Vice President, Senior Research Analyst, Principal Consultant

Level 6: Associate Director, Senior Vice President

Level 7: Division Director, Managing Director

Level 8: Executive Director, Senior Managing Director

Macquarie aims to facilitate flexible working arrangements where possible to support our people achieve their career and personal goals.

Because we recognise that working flexibly means different things to different people, flexible working exists across Macquarie in many forms. A flexible working arrangement may include for example, changes to hours, locations and patterns of work, or access to leave without pay, study and exam leave or a range of other flexible options dependent on circumstance and feasibility.

Ultimately, Macquarie empowers its staff to manage their professional commitments to suit their own personal situation, and equips its people managers to lead a flexible workforce.

Please discuss your needs for flexibility with your recruiter.

Macquarie's parental leave offering can be found here.

Internal mobility is encouraged, with many of our employees moving within our business groups and teams during their career at Macquarie.

With offices in 34 markets around the world, many of Macquarie’s employees have taken advantage of our global mobility options.

At Macquarie, hybrid working empowers us to work together flexibly, balancing time spent working in the office and at home. Our shift to hybrid working is an extension of our long-standing commitment to flexible working. 

We are a people business. We build relationships and learn from each other. Our approach to hybrid working enables us to balance the needs of our clients, colleagues and teams, taking advantage of the benefits of coming together in person and increased flexibility.

Each of our groups has different needs so expectations for hybrid working are set on a group and team basis. Some groups may require employees to work from the office more frequently than others. At any stage in the recruitment process, your recruiter or prospective line manager will be able to discuss your team's approach to hybrid working with you, and so you may raise this at any point during your application. 

Remote working means working from your usual place of residence.  Macquarie has policies that deal specifically with requests to work from an alternate location. Please discuss these policies with your recruiter should this apply to you. 

We recognise that working flexibly also means having the flexibility to work from our offices full-time if that best suits your personal and business needs. Our groups have different requirements, so if your team and current government and local restrictions allow, you may work from the office 100 percent of the time. Your recruiter or prospective line manager will be able to discuss this with you at any point during the recruitment process.

Yes, while Macquarie technology allows you to work from anywhere, your work location must meet our privacy, risk, security, health, and safety requirements. However, unless your role is designated as a fully remote role, when working remotely you will be expected to work from your usual place of residence. This allows for the blend of in-person and remote working central to our hybrid working model. 

Macquarie has policies that deal specifically with requests to work from an alternate location. Please discuss your individual circumstances with your recruiter.

Yes, Macquarie’s Alumni Network brings together current and former employees to connect, stay updated on Macquarie’s activities, join discussions on topics of interest, and access exclusive events and early insight into the initiatives that we are involved with. Current and former employees are invited to join the LinkedIn group. If you have questions about the program, please contact

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