Investing in renewable fuels to support the energy transition

Aerogy develops, invest in and operates in breakthrough energy solutions that convert waste into low-carbon energy

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Methane is among the most significant contributors to global warming.

Emissions from livestock in the agriculture sector account for roughly 30 per cent1 of anthropogenic (human-caused) methane emissions. Renewable natural gas (RNG) aims to address this by diverting methane released from cow manure and other sources and converting it into low-carbon energy. RNG is similar to fossil natural gas - It can be injected directly into the gas grid or used to run industrial processes that require natural gas today.


Macquarie Capital created Aerogy, a platform that develops, operates and invests in innovative RNG projects across the US.

Aerogy delivers a suite of innovative energy solutions through project development, financing, construction and commercial operation as well as subsequent project expansions with a focus on renewable natural gas.

By investing in breakthrough energy solutions that convert organic material and waste into renewable fuel, Aerogy is targeting solutions that help reduce emissions and support the transition to a lower carbon economy.


Upon its launch, Aerogy closed financing and commenced construction on an anaerobic digestion facility at Zahn’s Farm, a leading dairy producer located near Gillett, Wisconsin.

The facility is currently operating and diverts livestock methane emissions by converting agricultural waste into energy by utilizing anaerobic digestion technology. At full production it is anticipated to produce over 200,000 MMBtu of RNG per year, some of the highest biogas per cow figures in the US market. 

Aerogy is currently developing multiple projects across the U.S. and is expected to have an additional 900,000+ MMBtu of RNG in the coming years.  Eventually Aerogy plans to expand into renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel, and hydrogen.

Across projects, it will support the reduction of emissions and transition to a lower carbon economy through investment in alternative energy solutions such as converting waste to renewable fuel.


MMBtu of RNG produced per year


of anthropogenic methane emissions caused by livestock emissions

Aerogy combines Macquarie’s market-leading expertise in infrastructure with its successful track record working with development partners to deploy our balance sheet into innovative RNG and renewable fuels projects."

Nicholas Gole
Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Capital

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