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Macquarie is a global financial services group operating in 34 markets in asset management, retail and business banking, wealth management, leasing and asset financing, market access, commodity trading, renewables development, specialist advice, access to capital and principal investment.

The diversity of our operations, combined with a strong capital position and robust risk management framework, has contributed to Macquarie’s 55-year record of unbroken profitability.

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About our logo

Australia’s first official currency, the ‘holey dollar’ was an early example of financial innovation.

In 1813 the country faced a severe currency shortage. The Governor of the time, Lachlan Macquarie, addressed the shortage by importing 40,000 Spanish silver dollars and punching a hole through the centre to create two unique coins.

The currency stimulated the economy while retaining its intrinsic value, with the two new coins worth 25 per cent more than the original.

Today Macquarie Group is a global financial services organisation but our heritage is Australian. The holey dollar-inspired symbol we adopt as our logo embodies our purpose of empowering people to innovate and invest for a better future.