Australia’s fastest digital account opening experience

Utilising the public cloud to enable a faster and more efficient experience for our customers

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When applying for a bank account, many banks still require customers to visit a branch or wait days for a physical card to arrive in the mail.

With growing digitalisation and customers increasingly expecting a seamless, simple and speedy banking experience, Macquarie identified an opportunity to make account opening an almost instantaneous process, whilst still delivering the same level of comprehensive service and security measures.  


In 2022, Macquarie became the first Australian bank of size, and one of just a handful globally, to run its core banking platform on the public cloud, unlocking far greater speed and processing power for its customers. 

Migrating from on-premises hardware to the cloud unlocked new capabilities that allows customers who apply for a Transaction and Savings Account to have their identity fully verified and start banking in minutes. Once approved, customers can instantly load their new debit card into Apple Pay or their Google Wallet and start using their account immediately.

Powered by Macquarie’s industry leading digital banking and cloud native platform, it continues Macquarie’s record of providing the intuitive banking experiences powered by leading technology, with robust security and verification processes. 


Macquarie’s digital banking experience is considered market-leading, reinforced through our award-winning Transaction account and customer testimony.  

Macquarie’s record of delivering best-in-class digital banking experience includes its innovative online and mobile banking app which include features such as a personalised smart budgeting tools and auto categorisation of transactions to help customers stay on top of their finances. Macquarie customers also have access to Macquarie Marketplace, which enables customers to purchase and instantly redeem in-app discounted eGift cards from more than 50 leading retailers. 

Macquarie launched Australia’s first open banking platform and was the first Australian bank to offer lending and retail deposits on a real-time banking platform. Macquarie’s multi-award-winning Transaction account recently was identified as one of Australia’s Exceptional Everyday Accounts and Macquarie Bank was awarded as Australia’s Best Bank in the 2022 Mozo Experts Choice Banking Awards. Macquarie also launched one click offset accounts so home loan customers can instantly open and link up to 10 offset accounts to their home loan with just one click.

More recently, Macquarie launched its new digital high interest savings account for small businesses – Macquarie’s Business Savings Account – one of the very first business accounts in Australia to have a completely digital application process.   

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