Place-based giving: supporting our local community

18 December 2020

The events of 2020 have had a devastating impact on many and particularly on those most vulnerable. As the world now begins to plan beyond direct relief and look forward to economic recovery and reinvigorating communities, a collective and concerted effort from across the spectrum of all community stakeholders is required to rebuild livelihoods in the long term. Place-based giving schemes are having a positive and tangible impact across the world - funding, engaging and creating stronger communities and we are proud of our continued involvement in this approach. 

In the UK the Macquarie Group Foundation is the principal funder and founder of the BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving) that has partnered with local charity Islington Giving - an independent group of local funders, businesses, residents and voluntary organisations collaborating to raise awareness of poverty and inequality in a borough of striking social extremes. Islington Giving has inspired a charitable model for the 21st century, with over 20 other ‘giving’ organisations being set up across London alone.  

Key facts:

  • Since 2010, the Islington Giving has built a culture of giving and supported 20,000 residents. It has funded 74 organisations across 158 projects, and through the BIG Alliance, placed over 9,000 employees as volunteers. Having grown to 15 business partners since 2012, volunteers have provided business support in areas such as HR, marketing, legal and business planning, as well as acting as mentors and board members.
  • The BIG Alliance is part of a Community Resourcing programme (CoRe) - a partnership between Macquarie Group, law firm Slaughter and May, and Islington Giving. This year saw the completion of the 11th CoRe programme. During the past decade CoRe has worked with nearly 80 charities, leveraged nearly £750,000, contributed just under 15,000 volunteer hours from over 350 volunteers.
  • Each CoRe project spans over a six-month period with staff from Macquarie and Slaughter and May working closely with one non-profit organisation during that time. CoRe supports the non-profit with key operational needs and strategic challenges they may been struggling to tackle.

In collaboration with communities, the BIG Alliance is just one of the many place-based giving schemes that’s making an impact in across UK. Working collaboratively and building strong partnerships is crucial to having a lasting impact and we look forward to continuing our support of the BIG Alliance.