Macquarie Investment Affiliates

Developing long-term strategic relationships

We partner with investment managers we consider best-in-class, building mutually beneficial long-term relationships to offer specialised investment capabilities for our clients.

About us

Macquarie Investment Affiliates is part of the broader Macquarie Investment Management business.

Since 1980, we have developed affiliate partnerships in Malaysia, Taiwan and South Africa. Today we continue to develop our capabilities through businesses in Korea and Austria.

Through these long-term strategic relationships, we add products that enhance and complement our existing capabilities or expand our global footprint.


Our partnership approach

Our rigorous selection process ensures we only partner with affiliates we consider best-in-class.

We have a flexible partnership model, tailored for each affiliate, from distribution-only relationships to partnerships where we take an equity interest.

Our affiliates are able to leverage our specialist capabilities that include:

  • global distribution
  • product development
  • operational support, including risk management, legal and compliance
  • management expertise and business strategy
  • access to capital.


Our affiliates

  • founded in 1998, part of Macquarie Group since 2010
  • core capabilities in asset allocation, capital preservation, overlay strategies and bond management.

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  • origins dating back to 1988, part of Macquarie Group since 2013
  • capabilities across a number of asset classes including equities, fixed income and multi-asset allocation solutions.

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We operate successful distribution partnerships under the Macquarie Professional Series brand in Australia.

We have searched the world for what we believe are the most outstanding investment managers and partnered with a select few to exclusively bring their signature investment strategies to the Australian market.

Recent industry awards won include:

International Large Cap Fund of the year
Arrowstreet Global Equity Fund

smartinvestor Blue Ribbon Awards 2014

Winner International Equities (global)
Arrowstreet Global Equity Fund

Fund distributor of the year
Macquarie Professional Series

Professional Planner/Zenith Fund Awards 20141

Global Equities (Broad Cap) Fund of the year
Arrowstreet Global Equity Fund

Money Management/Lonsec Fund Manager of the Year Awards 2014

Arrowstreet Capital, Limited Partnership (Arrowstreet) is a global equity manager based in Boston, Massachusetts. It was formed in July 1999 and is majority owned and controlled by its senior professionals. Arrowstreet currently manages $US50 billion (at 30 September 2014).

Independent Franchise Partners LLP is a London-based employee-owned investment management firm established in June 2009. The firm specialises in a single investment strategy which identifies companies capable of compounding shareholder wealth at superior rates of return over the long term.

Boston-based Polaris Capital Management, LLC (Polaris) is a privately owned company that has provided investment management services to clients since 1995. They employ an active, value-oriented investment strategy and are registered as an investment adviser under the US Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Polaris currently has approximately $US5.1 billion of assets under management (at 30 September 2014).

Walter Scott & Partners Limited is an independent global investment manager established in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1983. They have experience in global equity investment and manage $US68.1 billion (at 30 September 2014).

Founded in 1997, Winton Capital Management Limited is a global investment management company based in London. They focus on statistical research in financial markets and global managed futures.

Winton Capital manages assets over $US25 billion (at 30 September 2014).

With New York-based investment management firm MD Sass, we provide seed funding and incubation support to talented early stage managers who exhibit a clear edge and significant growth potential.

Our jointly managed private equity fund, Sass-Macquarie Financial Strategies Fund (Finstrat), has seeded 11 investment management businesses since its establishment in 2004, and raised more than $US5 billion for its underlying managers.

Managers can access:

  • investment and working capital
  • operational, regulatory and marketing support
  • our affiliation with experienced institutions
  • our global distribution network.

While we work closely with managers, they continue to have portfolio management autonomy and control of their day-to-day operations.

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