Electricity meter


Providing certainty during the energy transition

Macquarie has already refurbished and redeployed over 560,000 traditional meters to UK’s energy suppliers.

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Sector Energy
Location United Kingdom


As traditional energy meters are no longer manufactured ahead of the UK’s mandated smart meter rollout, existing traditional energy meters can be refurbished, allowing energy suppliers to continue to service their customers.


Macquarie’s Meter Processing Centre stores and refurbishes high quality, pre-used traditional meters to ensure ongoing supply and service delivery, while lowering costs and reducing waste.


Investment in equipment, systems and processing to increase the volume, quality and efficiency of refurbished meters, providing lower cost traditional meters for energy suppliers and their customers.


Building a stockpile of 260,000 refurbished meters for future use


~10,000 traditional meters refurbished and redeployed per month


560,000+ traditional meters refurbished and redeployed in total

The case studies and examples provided on this page are based on actual de-identified client circumstances. They have been included for illustrative purposes only, without taking into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs.

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