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Toni Anda: Global reach in a tight-knit merger and acquisitions team

Toni Anda enjoys the global reach of working for a multinational company like Macquarie but as an Analyst based in Macquarie's New Zealand office, she also has the benefit of being part of a tight-knit office of thirty people.


Five years ago, while still studying for her commerce degree, Toni began working part-time as a Morning News Editor on Macquarie's research desk where she reported on equities, commodities and corporate entities for the sales team.

While Toni interviewed and interned at other organisations during the final stages of her degree, she was drawn back to Macquarie once she finished. After graduating in 2018, she joined the Graduate Program in the Macquarie Capital team in New Zealand.

“I wanted to work at an international organisation with people who did amazing work. I knew the culture was a good fit for me and the recent deals were interesting.”


Unique opportunities

Toni says that working in a small but competitive market has provided huge opportunities.

“With twelve of us in the New Zealand Macquarie Capital team, we are a decent sized corporate Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions firm for New Zealand,” she explains.

“I wanted to work for an organisation that allowed me to stay in New Zealand because we get to work across the whole country and don't specialise in a single sector. I work across all sectors and across a wide range of deals including Mergers & Acquisitions and Equity Capital Markets.”

The first deal Toni worked on was in the dairy industry, for the sale of a large dairy product company. She's since worked across agriculture, technology, healthcare and more. Performing different roles in these deals has been an experience that has helped her build a range of skills.

Every transaction is different, and each new transaction gives you a new opportunity to find out more, take on a new industry and meet new companies and clients."

“I rarely do the same thing twice. Working on mergers and acquisitions, I often need to become an expert in a field that I knew nothing about yesterday. We need to understand our clients' industries and businesses in a serious amount of detail.”


Mentoring success

Joining a close-knit team fresh out of university, Toni says she has always been well supported.

“I was allocated a buddy and a mentor in my team,” explains Toni. “We met regularly to discuss challenges and I think this was pivotal in my development. It also made me passionate about staying in this team and industry, and quickly becoming the best I could be.”

Toni says she feels connected to the broader organisation through the networks she formed with her graduate colleagues during two weeks of graduate training in Sydney.

“Going to Sydney for grad training was invaluable,” says Toni. “It meant I met all the other graduates going into the various business teams. Almost all of them are still at Macquarie and we help each other out. As people move to different teams it provides even more scope to tap into each other's knowledge and contacts.”


A culture of responsibility and inclusion

Toni says that she was engaged in meaningful work from the start. Along with this came great responsibility as well as great rewards.

As a graduate or intern, you will be actively involved in what's going on and brought to meetings. You are in front of clients immediately, not just sitting in the background analysing data. This level of trust means you build up experience very quickly."

“I'm passionate about what I do, and Macquarie has a real culture of responsibility but also inclusion,” Toni says. “The culture here is unique and is set from the top.”


Challenges create rewards

Toni says the biggest challenge in joining Macquarie was the steep learning curve, but the flipside is that this has also brought her the greatest benefits.

“I didn't know that I could learn as quickly, and grow as quickly, as I have with Macquarie,” Toni says. “I have a huge amount of responsibility in the work I do and thanks to the team's flat structure there are endless possibilities ahead.”

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