Program advantages

Why establish a Macquarie financing program?

Increase sales

  • More sales transactions with new customers
  • More incremental and upgrade business
  • Opportunity for greater profit margins

Close deals faster

  • Faster funding on lease sales than on cash sales – lowers DSO
  • No need for the customer to draw on existing credit lines

Sell more equipment and services

  • Bundle products and services
  • Increase order size – no upfront costs to the customer

Maintain higher margins

  • Sell customers a monthly payment – no need to discount more

Sell more often to the same customer

  • Regular up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Lock out the competition and avoid pricing wars

Strengthen the offer

  • Position the company as a full service provider offering creative structuring and competitive lease rates
  • Enable the sale to include other services such as complete lifecycle management and remarketing services