Vendor and dealer finance

Macquarie offers three distinct programs to help equipment manufacturers, dealers, resellers and service providers differentiate their business and drive sales.

Private label

Financing options are presented under the manufacturer or dealer's brand with Macquarie working 'behind the scenes.'

Positions the manufacturer or dealer as a full service provider with 'one-stop' solutions for customers.

Macquarie provides:

  • dedicated sales team, program management and administrative personnel
  • dedicated toll free telephone number and website
  • extensive reporting, training and marketing support.


Financing options are presented with both brands appearing together on marketing materials and with the manufacturer or dealer and Macquarie working together collaboratively.

Drives brand recognition and offers assurance to customers that the manufacturer or dealer and financing provider have a positive, collaborative relationship.

Macquarie provides:

  • sales support via inside and outside sales teams
  • robust reporting, training and marketing support.

Referral programs

Financing options are presented as a result of an agreement that the manufacturer or dealer will refer customers who have financing needs to Macquarie.

Streamlines sales process to close deals quickly and capture more business.

Macquarie provides:

  • toll free sales support and lease quote line
  • standard MEF lease documentation.