Financial products

Macquarie Equipment Finance is an expert at structuring specialized financing for a wide range of assets and manufacturers including technology, electronics, and medical equipment. We offer various financing solutions to help any business acquire the equipment they need.

Fair market value (FMV) leases

An FMV lease provides off-balance sheet financing, allows for payment of the equipment as it's used, and offers flexible end-of-lease options.

Managed service agreements

A managed services agreement is a contract that can consist of a number of different services including hardware, software, commissioning and maintenance bundled together. It may include capacity on demand, utility pricing, shared savings agreements, or usage based financing.

Capital leases

A capital lease has the characteristics of a purchase agreement, does not qualify as an operating lease, and is required to be shown as an asset on the balance sheet. It may be structured with a $1 purchase option at the end of the lease.

Flex leases

A flex lease is a structure with relaxed equipment return provisions designed for distributed assets (PCs, laptops, printers, etc.)

Lease lines

A lease line is a pre-approved line of credit that provides the flexibility to bundle a variety of assets, software, and other costs into one lease.

Sale lease back

A sale lease back is a structure that allows a company to sell existing equipment and lease it back. It is often used to generate cash and remove assets from the balance sheet.


A rental is a structure used when equipment is needed for a limited period or when a company has a short-term need to increase capacity.