What makes us different?

We hold a unique market position at the intersection of six important capabilities. Each of these capabilities has proven to be important to IT and finance executives within our customers' organizations.


Macquarie is arguably the largest, fully independent technology lessor in the market. The scale of Macquarie's operations allows us to fund additional services to better satisfy our customers' needs.


Macquarie is not owned by any of the equipment manufacturers. Because we do not have a financial bias towards any vendor, we are free to recommend the products that will best serve our customers' requirements.

Tech savvy

Macquarie maintains a staff of technology experts, researchers and former senior IT and electronics executives who continually monitor technology shifts, trends, risks and options.

Lifecycle services

Macquarie makes it easier to manage IT and other assets by providing complete end-to-end support. We are actively involved in the procurement, deployment, management, and end-of-life or refresh of equipment.


Macquarie offers a variety of programs that enable customers to overcome budget constraints and meet business requirements. Options include FMV leases, lease lines, managed service agreements, midterm adjustments, skip payments and many others.

Global reach

Macquarie has a wide organizational footprint with regional offices located throughout Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand to support multinational customers.