Futures services


Macquarie is a specialist institutional futures broker with operations in Australia, Asia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, providing clients with market coverage in listed and OTC derivatives. Supported by our global Execution, DMA and Clearing teams, Macquarie executes and clears futures and options contracts traded across a wide range of derivative exchanges.

Global access, local service

Macquarie offers clients 24-hour access to futures markets, operating brokerage desks in key financial centres of New York, London, Hong Kong, Sydney and Montreal. Through the integration of highly experienced brokers coupled with leading technology, Macquarie Futures delivers excellence in pre-trade, point of trade and post trade execution in listed derivatives across global markets.

Whether executing trades electronically through one of our DMA platforms, or by phone, our experienced traders offer support for your business. Macquarie Futures supports FIX connectivity and subscribes to multiple FIX vendor services.

Supported platforms

Our systems and value added services provide a significant area of differentiation

Our reputation for innovation, client focus and bespoke clearing solutions has made us a leader in full service clearing.  

Macquarie currently provides clearing services to a diverse range of clients including institutions and corporations, asset managers, producers, CTAs and investment banks around the world, and holds in excess of $US3 billion in futures client funds. Client support for clearing operations provides 24-hour coverage with teams based in Chicago, Sydney and London.

Macquarie has developed its own futures clearing system which allows us to cater to client requirements including:

  • Margin and FX Management - Macquarie Futures can implement full cash and margin management for clients, providing foreign exchange risk and threshold management. Both services help our clients reduce the costs and risks associated with meeting margin requirements when holding futures positions
  • RealClear - Macquarie Futures have developed an online system giving clients real-time access to trades for allocation, margin, reporting and query purposes
  • Maccess - provides our clients with post settlement reporting and query building services that can be customised to meet the client's requirements.