22-24 June

2021 Macquarie Technology Summit

Embracing the transformative potential of technology – for a better future

We are bringing together leaders from some of the most interesting companies in the world that are embracing the transformative potential of technology – for a better future. The perspectives arising from our Summit will explore the critical role technology is playing at the heart of the digital society, in the future of enterprise and in transforming financial services.

This invite-only event is open to our global clients and partners.
Please contact your Macquarie representative to register.

With technology changing how we live, work and interact at a faster pace than any period in human history, there has never been a more important time to be talking about what’s next.


Across three days and multiple timezones, more than 150 inspirational speakers will take part in over 60 insightful and engaging sessions.


Digital Society

Tuesday 22 June

Digital Enterprise

Wednesday 23 June

  • Virtual collaboration
    Eric S. Yuan, Zoom
  • The digital infrastructure opportunity
    Robin Khuda, Airtrunk
    Leigh Fox, Cincinnati Bell
    Ellie Sweeney, Vocus
  • Automation driving business transformation
    Vijay Khanna, UiPath
  • Perspective: Tech Investor
    Yifat Oron, Blackstone
  • Video evolved
    Anjali Sud, Vimeo


Thursday 24 June

Deflation and the disruptive impacts of technology

As economies continue to grapple with the unpredictability of a global pandemic, Viktor Shvets, Head of Asian Strategy and Global Strategy Co-ordinator for Macquarie Capital, shares his perspectives on the current environment and the disruptive impacts of technology.


Discover our insights on how technology is shaping a better future.

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