2021 Macquarie Base Metals Summit

Exploring the divergent and emerging pathways across metals markets

Macquarie’s Base Metals Summit is a key event during London Metal Exchange (LME) Week that connects the metals industry globally.

This year, we uncovered the crucial role that commodities will play in facilitating the energy transition and new technology, the surge in demand, strain on supply and the growing factors impacting metals markets.

Our team of experts discussed how these forces weigh up against the global growth slowdown, ongoing risks surrounding new COVID-19 strains, and policy changes in China.  

This year our event took place virtually, featuring a series of presentations and market discussions, made available online.

Agenda highlights

  • Base metals demand and the impact of the energy transition.
  • Do we face a copper constraint? Where copper and zinc supply growth will be found.
  • Nickel and electric vehicle battery deep dive.
  • Global carbon pricing and the implications for markets.


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Explore the virtual conference

This year we are excited to present our annual Base Metals Summit again in an entirely virtual format.

The divergent futures for metals markets beyond COVID-19

In a year of immense disruption, our commodities strategists look at the market themes that have dominated the headlines this year while exploring some popular topics discussed at LME Week 2021.

Since we last met in 2020…

Our metals expertise

Macquarie has been continuously operating in the metals market for more than 40 years, giving us one of the longest track records globally in this market for a financial institution.

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