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Dominique Aman: Growing and learning through varied experiences within Macquarie Capital

Working in finance was one of Dominique Aman’s career goals but so was working in an organisation that values diversity and is committed to equity. She has successfully achieved both, with a career at Macquarie Capital in London.   


Dominique Aman has enjoyed many career highlights in her short time with Macquarie, both in the work she does and in the other initiatives with which she’s involved. 

After three years in mergers and acquisitions transaction advisory, Dominique has recently commenced a secondment as Strategy and Business Manager in Macquarie Capital. She also continues to be involved in social mobility initiatives.

I love the challenge of identifying gaps in the ‘normal’ and finding opportunities for efficiency and growth. At Macquarie, I have been able to do this both within the organisation, and outside it."

A brilliant career in finance

Dominique studied Metallurgical Engineering in her home country of India before a career in finance caught her eye. She gained exposure to mergers and acquisitions advisory while supporting investment banking teams as a remote analyst for a global financial services organisation, before deciding to enroll in a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Cambridge Judge Business School in the UK. 

When she completed her MBA, Dominique decided she’d like to live and work in London. After some research, her first application was to Macquarie. 

“It was immediately evident that Macquarie cared about more than just banking,” Dominique says. “At the time, Macquarie had just acquired the Green Investment Bank – they were actively investing to create a better future.” 

In May 2018, Dominique accepted an off-cycle internship with Macquarie Capital in the Advisory and Capital Solutions business, which soon evolved into a full-time role as an Analyst. Her career trajectory with Macquarie has been steep, receiving a promotion to Associate within two years. Since then, she’s taken a secondment as Strategy and Business Manager for the global Infrastructure and Energy Group within Macquarie Capital.


A broad involvement in achieving balance

“I have always had support from my manager to do more than just my day job,” Dominique explains. “I enjoy making an impact in the broader organisation and community.” 

Last year, Dominique got involved in the Steering Committee for Macquarie Balance, our gender-focused Employee Network Group in EMEA. “I worked with brilliant people from across the Group to organise events, share thought leadership and generally help to ensure that women are engaged, empowered and encouraged to succeed,” Dominique says. 

She is also a member of Macquarie Capital's Analyst and Associate Advisory Board, working with her peers from various teams to identify and implement bottom-up initiatives around people development and culture. 

In 2020, Dominique was celebrated as a finalist for the Investment Week’s ‘Women in Investment’ Awards, for both the ‘Change Excellence’ and ‘Rising Star of the Year’ categories. 

And more recently this year, she was appointed to a voluntary position as the Head of the Future Leaders’ Community for Women in Banking and Finance UK (WIBF), whose aim is to improve diversity and the representation of women across the industry. 

This isn’t the first time Dominique has championed diversity initiatives. In 2020 she spent six months mentoring for the Social Mobility Foundation, a UK charity that supports high-achieving young people from low-income backgrounds to gain access to top universities and professions. “I was paired with a student who had no contacts or exposure to finance. They wanted to learn about the industry and the different career options, from trading to mergers and acquisitions, as well as how to position yourself to get started with a career in banking.”

“I could relate to them,” Dominique says. “I didn’t have access to a mentor in the sector when I was starting out, and I wanted to be able to help someone else.”

When asked how she balanced her responsibilities at work with her voluntary activities, she says “I try to look for little ways to help. It doesn’t always take a huge commitment.” 


Career mobility

Dominique values the ownership and support she’s experienced with career development at Macquarie.

Over the three years she spent in the Advisory and Capital Solutions business, she had the opportunity to work across merger and acquisition transactions in different sectors like healthcare, consumer/retail, technology and education.

I was provided a huge breadth of exposure from day one. It was exciting to learn about the driving forces and the various business models that exist across sectors. But more importantly, I had the opportunity to observe and learn from a number of internal and external senior business leaders."

Through her involvement in Macquarie initiatives beyond her own team, Dominique has been introduced to individuals working in roles very different to her own, which has led to several exciting opportunities for her. 

“I’m always fascinated to learn about the various responsibilities that people have in the broader organisation. In my career development conversations with my manager last year, I expressed an interest in shadowing a colleague working in strategy and operations in a different group,” Dominique explains. “This conversation ended up leading to my current secondment as Strategy and Business Manager for the global Infrastructure and Energy Group.”

The secondment allows Dominique to see a whole new side of Macquarie Capital. Alongside her current manager, who is the Global Chief Operating Officer of the Infrastructure and Energy Group, Dominique develops and implements strategic and operational improvement initiatives that influence the future of the business.

“My role is very versatile,” Dominique explains. “On any given day, I’m collaborating with business leaders as well as central support functions across our global offices on business performance presentations, operational improvement initiatives or new ideas to make the business better.” 

“It’s been very exciting so far, and I’m learning a lot about how the business runs.”

“I've always been encouraged to be vocal about what I’m interested in, and to pursue it if opportunities allow,” Dominique says. “You really can take ownership of your own career at Macquarie.”

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