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Macquarie Specialist Investments launches latest Flexi 100 – offering protected exposure over US, European, Asian and Australian equities

Sydney, 08 April 2014

Macquarie Specialist Investments (MSI) today announced the launch of the 14th offer of the flagship Macquarie Flexi 100 Trust (Flexi). The current offer provides investors with broad, protected exposure to growth opportunities across US, European, Asian and Australian equities markets.

Flexi allows investors to borrow 100 per cent of their investment amount to gain 100 per cent principal protected exposure to a range of domestic and international opportunities throughout the year. Its unique Walk-Away feature provides investors with the flexibility to exit their investment early without incurring any additional costs should their circumstances or market conditions change. Flexi is the only product of its kind in the market with an ATO Product Ruling, providing many investors with certain interest deductibility.

Co-head of MSI Distribution, Ferdi Kayakesen said, "The strong global thematic of the current Flexi offer is a direct response to overwhelming feedback we have received from advisers and their clients demanding access to key overseas growth areas."

"Feedback is strengthened by Macquarie Research Equities’ positive outlook on US and European markets, suggesting the increasing relevance and importance of international equities exposure in maximising portfolio growth opportunities."

"Flexi was developed in the wake of market uncertainty in response to demand for a solution offering investors leveraged upside exposure to diversified sharemarket growth opportunities, but with the security of protection on the downside as well as flexible exit arrangements."

"With Australian equities accounting for only a small portion of the global economy, this offer allows investors to take advantage of current global growth opportunities and diversify their portfolios. At the same time it provides peace of mind via 100 per cent loan principal protection and the Walk-Away feature."

The current offer of Flexi is available for investment until Monday 30 June 2014. The minimum investment amount is $25,000, with an optional interest loan available. Flexi offers fixed annual distributions and a fixed interest rate which provides upfront certainty of the holding cost over the term, and may be suitable for individuals and SMSFs.

MSI is a division of Macquarie Funds Group (MFG), Australia’s largest global asset manager with over 30 years of funds management experience and $A381 billion in assets under management.1 MFG has presences in Asia, Europe, UK and the US and is one of Australia’s leading financial institutions.


  1. Net profit contribution is management accounting profit before unallocated corporate costs, profit share and income tax.


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