Environmental, Social and Governance

Managing environmental and social risk

We are committed to ensuring environmental and social risks are identified and managed responsibly in our business activities and relationships. Our group-wide Environmental and Social Risk (ESR) Policy is based on international guidelines including the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards.

The ESR Policy governs the management of environmental and social issues including labour and employment practices, human rights, resource efficiency, climate risk, pollution prevention, biodiversity and cultural heritage. Our policy provides a process to assess, categorise, manage, mitigate, monitor and report ES risks in client relationships and across a range of transactions including financing, lending, leasing and advisory. It requires escalated decision-making and approval processes for material environmental and social risks.

As stated in the Code of conduct, all staff share responsibility for identifying and managing environmental and social risks as part of normal business practice. The ESR team, which sits within the Risk Management Group, has Group-wide oversight responsibility.

Macquarie recognises the value of effective Work Health and Safety (WHS) performance as an integral part of how we successfully manage our business. We seek to operate harm-free environments through maintaining high WHS standards and performance across all our activities globally.