Fixed income

We seek to deliver outcomes aligned with our investment philosophy and our clients’ needs

Clear philosophy

A clear and consistent investment philosophy based on capital preservation, liquidity and fundamental research


$A197.7 billion of assets under management for 147 clients in 16 countries*

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Over 115 dedicated investment professionals across three global hubs – Sydney, London and Philadelphia*


Macquarie Absolute Return Mortgage-Backed Securities strategy has a conservative, high quality and time-tested approach to absolute return fixed income investing.  The Strategy’s benefits include:

  • an absolute return outcome with a fixed income risk profile across the market cycle
  • an investment universe comprised of high quality and liquid securities
  • consistent, strong returns with relatively low volatility.

This flexible, absolute return, multi-sector income strategy provides potential for an attractive solution in the current low-yield bond market environment.

  • combines the benefits of capital preservation with the ability to participate in the upside
  • time tested fixed income strategy with a track record spanning over 10 years
  • flexible and opportunistic approach: covers a wide, global universe investing only when value is present.

Our traditional fixed income strategies combine top-down macro-based insights with bottom-up analysis. 

We focus on maintaining an enhanced-index risk/return profile, while seeking additional returns from credit analysis backed security selections and non-traditional strategies.

Our liability-driven investment strategies are tailored to the specific needs of our clients. 

Our strength lies in maintaining an optimal balance between enhancing long-term accounting-based book income, and maximizing short-to-mid-term risk-adjusted total returns. 

We focus on assisting our clients optimize their portfolios under changing regulatory capital requirements and accounting standards. 


Insights are provided by our global team of investment specialists.

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Fixed Income

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